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♥Care Bear♥
My ear is clogged and it hurts!?
Okay so I had a shower on Monday(morning) and my ear got clogged so I used a Q tip to get it out and it kind of worked I was able to hear a little bit so I tried some more and I put the Q tip in to try and get the wax, or water out (it was some of both I had a LOT of it, I know, gross) and then I just couldn't hear again I mean I wasn't completely deaf though. Okay now when I hiccup it hurts and I constantly hear this ringing noise and if people are too loud it hurts. What could be wrong? I know since there is ringing and I can still hear a very little bit out of it that I haven't completely lost my hearing. It's been like this for 3 almost 4 days and it hasn't gotten better. It only started hurting today. My mom says I should wait until after the new year to see if it gets better and if it doesn't I have to go to the doctor. Any suggestions? Nope, I've tilted my head and I don't hear any noises. And it's my right ear by the way. I just moved so I don't have a family doctor.

Go to the doctor they should give you some ear drops( i had the same thing since i went apple bobbing) or if its to bad just buy some drops from the chemist. :) hope this helps

Tell your friendly pharmacist, asking him what was that oily solution your mom used to put in a tea spoon, heat with a match and pour in your ear. After thirty minutes, turn your head so that the ear drains onto a clean cloth. Do not use Q-tips! Clean with a wash cloth. Sleep with that ear next to your pillow. Repeat. If the condition persists go see your family doctor or an ear doctor.

their is some stuf you can get for swimmers ear it is to help remove water from the ear it might help it worked for my daughter she had water in her ear for 2 days

Alyssa Guidry
I've had to live with this for a long time.... If you have a lot of wax, then you should get your ear flushed out with water at the doctors, because that always helps. Also, every time after I have a shower, I use oil (not cooking oil, doctors oil found at drug stores) and put 1 drip in my ear, and it clears the wax. If it's clogged, just wait it out because there is really no way of curing this. It happens at random times if you have lots of ear wax. good luck!

when water gets into your ear sometimes it causes infection ,, nothing serious but you should see your local pharmacy or your doctor,, he should prescribed ear drop that will help,, trust me i know especially when you sneeze ,, it hurts...

Alexis M.
Tilt your head left to right. Do you hear a water sound? If so, you may have swimmers ear.

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