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 not sarcasm, the answer as in remedies.?
we want remidies like tooth paste or somethin, line of salt, garlic?...

 Heartburn cure Asap. Please answer.?
Have major heartburn. Toook about 4 tums.
Anything else i can do??
=[ Please help....

 Y do I have six toes?
Ix on each foot. L...

 please help, what is this horrible pain in my stomach?
i'm not very clever when it comes to pin pointing body parts, but i hurt in the stomach, the very bottom of it nearly touching my crotch. everything upwards burns. this pain has been going on ...

 Best Shoes for Pain Relief?
I have delicate feet, literally my tendons strech out everyday

which shoes are good for throbbing feet and bad backs?...

 Really bad cramping in my calf. Help?
My left calf will cramp up all the time. Sometimes it cramps when I'm really active (which I can understand) what's weird is that it does it when I'm just sitting down or when I'm ...

 how do I get help with prescription coverage?
I'm retired and have Medicare and a supplement and prescription coverage, but like many people, my prescription premium and co pays are ridiculus, and I draw too much Social Security to get ...

 What can I do with a Bachlors in Exercise and Sports Science?
It's a really broad field and I'm not sure which direction I should go with it. Other than I would like to find a decent job without going back for more ...

 My lower back hurts a lot?
Sometimes I fall asleep on the couch (I know not good) but before it never seemed to bother me or hurt. Now its getting painful. I haven't slept on the sofa for a month until today (I fell ...

 Where or how can i get pain killers..?
i ran out and want more lol so tell me how i can get perc oxy, basically anything to get the high. i like to rail em and i dont care about the burn i just wanna know what to do.. ...

 Why do I get a sore thumb after eating chocolate?
I don't know why it happens, but there is a correlation between a sore thumb and eating chocolate. It sometimes takes a few hours, but it happens 90% of the time I eat chocolate....

 My wife has had 4 recurring hernias and 4 operations but still has daily pain?
Her surgeon now says that the hernia is back again and needs another operation! She consulted another surgeon at Northwestern University Hospital who says he does not see a hernia and that the pain ...

 when my keyboard shocks my fingers what then do i do?

 Stiff lower back/backache?
can any provide a reason why my lower back has become quite achy and stiff over the past 3/4 days? it gets stiff quite easily at the moment, like if i bend down..im only 17? it can't be age ...

 whats wrong with me? my head is so dizzy, my body depressed.?
every day its a battle for control over what i think is real. my mind feels like its melted into some sort of soupy reality. i toss in turn every night wondering whats real and whats not. I'm ...

 personal experiences with pillows for neck and/or back problems, please?
I have TMJ and cannot seem to find the right type of pillow.
What type of pillow works best for YOU if you have neck problems (i.e., soft, firm, etc)? And have you ever had to switch it up ? ...

 I don't know why but recently my back started to hurt a lot?
I've noticed that I've been getting pains in my back, and they get worse towards the afternoon. I'm not sure what could be causing them, but I don't think I put much strain on my ...

 I"M getting this sharp pain in my heal of my foot?
When I step down . What can this mean. It comes and goes. and when sometimes it comes I can lose my balance. Can you help some today. Thanks and take care ...

 im having horrible abdominal pains:[?
im 18 and have been experiencing some strange abdominal behavior for the last few days. i know i need to go to the doctor and everything so please save me your "go to the doctor" remarks. i ...

 I have Fibromyalgia and arthritis. what are others w/ this condition doing to alleviate the pain?
I was just curious. I wanted to know if there was something I could be doing to help myself aside from the different meds I have to take. This is a pretty new thing for doctors around here (where I ...

My ear feels blocked and heavy, I have been listening to my Ipod lately too.?
Okay so I listen to my Ipod constantly, My music isn't always loud, but sometimes. For the past few days my left ear feel sort of blocked. I can hear properly but it doesn't feel right. I listen to music on a normal basis. But most of the time my music is playing to my Idock. I hold my nose and pop my ears, because my uncle said that works but it didn't make a difference.
Also at night when I sleep on my left side I wake up and my left ear is completely blocked. But it goes away.

I am very young and I really dont want to loose my hearing. I am really worried and I cant even go to the doctors because they are closed today.

Am I loosing my hearing??
Is there any way I can get it back??

Thank you for your time!

It could be that you are damaging your ears from listening to the IPod constantly. What isn't loud to you could really be loud to someone else. Especially with having ear phones in all the time. You probably are doing some damage to your ears. You could try cleaning them out with those wax removing kits. Maybe you have a build up. Either way I would see a doctor. Any walk-in clinic could help you determine what is going on by simply looking in your ear with their special tool.

May be you're listening too much of your IPOD. Let your ears rest. ANd maybe you have ear wax blocking in your ears. Dont blow nose because this destroys your ear. REST your ears for a week. Then go to the doctor ENT

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