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 My tounge hurts, it think it might be burnt, how do I soothe it?
For a few days my tongue has been hurting, not all of my tongue but enough to annoy me.
It normally arouses when I eat or if I graze it on my teeth, it really hurts?
Could I try some ...

 What could this stomach pain be?
a few weeks ago my life got really hectic. I am 16, and run xc, and also in marching band. I have been really stressed out. Since then, I have developed a burning pain a little bit above my ...

 I just got a new Sealy plush bed and it seems too firm. Should I get a pad or exchange it?

 Why do i get really bad cramps in my legs when i sleep at night?
ok sometimes i get cramps in my calfs when i ...

 I want to know if it is safe to do some heroin,,4-5 hrs after eating a couple hydrocodone 10 mg..??

 I have wrist pain and I am 16. Why is this?

 Hi, my son has got a severe stomachach. I guess he has a constipation.?
Please help me what should I do? He is 9 yrs old. Thanks!...

 What causes you to pass out when you stand up?

 doctors or anyone please help?
my left side of my stomach has been been hurting so bad and i have no idea whats up it just started like 3 hours ago and nothing is helping it feels like im being stabbed. whats wrong?


 Scared of needles..Any suggestions of a topical that I can use to numb the area?
I have tried orajel, but Im looking for something else that might be a bit stronger...I have to go every 2 months for a blood test and I really cant stand the whole poking thing....Any suggestions????...

 Knuckle popping..good or bad?
My knuckles are always hurting (a little).I always feel like I need to "pop" them. Is this bad for them?...

 how to relieve (apsis) tooth ache?
My girlfriends going through serious pain at the moment, non stop. Tried pain killers, antibiotics. Any other remedies (even home remedies?) that you may have used, or no of, to relieve the pain?...

 question about migraines?
i been have them on and off since october...
ima start on sunday and work my way down to weds night all in this week before asking my question..

sunday: 2 advil
monday:2 advil, 2 ...

 I have a severe headache and it won't go away. Any suggestions?
I have had this headache for 3 days. It is in my left temple and I can feel it down into my left shoulder. I went to the ER last night they gave me a shot that did nothing a few ours later they gave ...

 Are any other methods of relieving pain BESIDES takings pills such as tylenol, aspirin,ibuprophen, ect.??????
its for my 8th grade science project....

any good websites to check out or just some info. would be faaabulous:)


 I have a 4 year old prescription of pills, are they still good?
I had my wisdom teeth pulled about 4 years ago and the dentist gave me Hydrocodone for the pain. There wasn't a lot of pain so I threw them in a drawer and forgot about them. My back has been ...

 I have had severe low back pain for more than two years now and no one seems to know whats wrong with me?
I have had severe low back pain for more than two years now. Docs have put me on muscle relaxers, sleeping pills, and pain pills, but nothing seems to help. Mri showed slight bulge in one of my disc ...

 do you have constant head aches???
like they never stop ive had them for 5 years now and i cant figure out why ive been to every type of doctor there is and no one knows why any ideas???...

 I stand all day at work and need shoes that won't make my feet hurt. Have tried low and no heel , please help

 How do you get rid of a massive headache?
Since I woke up this morning, I've had this really bad headache and it just won't go away. I feel really tired and dizzy and I don't know what to do. My art teacher told me that ...

My arm hurts. what should i do?
i was doing a cartwheel today and i twisted my arm. my wrist and elbow started hurting and it hurt more a few hours later. i dont think its a big deal but it got to the point where it hurt to throw a ball or open a door. i twisted my left arm but i usually use my right. my dad said to wrap it in a towel with a little rubbing alcohol on it. should i do that?

Do you have any frozen peas or something in the freezer?? Put them on there..or get some ice and put it in a plastic bag with a little water and put it on there..should help and keep it elevated too. I just broke my ankle and that is what they told me.

you could...
and rest it put a pillow on it. ice it'll help a little.
main thiing


yes do that

and i guess relax and lay

if it hurts go see a doctor

hope you feel better! :)

It sounds like you may have hyper extended your elbow, rubbing alcohol isn't going to do the trick, you should go get an x-ray.

Ice it and Heat it
20 minutes on 20 off

cut them off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol i think u should just let it rest and try not to move it the way it hurts try a little ice if the area is red

Girl in Uniform
umm see if you can soak it in warm water..if it still hurts...go see your doctor..hope you feel better

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