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 severe arthritis pain in one knee,1st year,any advice?

 Back pain... Any Ideas?
I am having sharp pains starting in the lower left of my back and it wrapping around my side to the lower left side of my stomach.
Any ideas? It started around 4pm its now 10pm....

 How to get over a fear of shots?
Okay, though this is kinda baby-ish... i have an extreme fear of shots and i want to get over it. Please help!...

 How can my toe pain go away?
today in school, i played indoor soccer and i kicked this guy with all my strength on accident and it hurt my toe really bad. It seems like when i kicked him, i kicked him more with my toe. it hurts ...

 Should I be concerned about a sharp pain in my head when I jump, stand up, or make other sudden movements?

 I've been having back problems!!!?
For the last week i've been having this pain in my mid back on the right side. I don't know what it is but I don't know how to help it. Any suggestions i just want this pain to go....

 What's up with my leg?
I recently started running a couple miles each day on hard surfaces. im 18 of average weight and 5"11 tall. i wear good running shoes but wear no supports. after running i get a dull pain on the ...

 I have been diagnosed with 'Plantar fascitius' it's just getting more agonising every day.?
I have only been prescribed pain killers bu am becoming more crippled by the pain every day. Wat can I do? The GP is not that interested....

 I think I'm addicted to pain pills. Please help!!?
My fiance and I have been going through a long hard time. The past couple of weeks have been rough. I was in the ER for a knee dislocation and they gave me some pain pills. (like vicodin) At first ...

 does any1 kno wat acetaminophen & codeine is? y do ppl take it?
i just realy wana kno wat it is cause some1 i kno is takin n she is bein really tiren n agry so i just wanted 2 kno n she wont tell no1 expect her bf. so plz help?!? is it somethin serious?...

 why do i only have six toes?
...my mom says god loves me no matter what....

 My boyrfriend molested me while I was sleeping.?
Im not sure how to really feel about this...but today I was at my friends house, my boyfriend came over, and like it was after a late night sleepover, so i was tired, and i kinda feel asleep on my ...

 What is the best over the counter pain relief medication for middle back muscle pain?
I started running a drill press and I have to pull on a handle several thousand times a day and have been experiencing middle back muscle pain....

 cant feel anything in my left leg?
ok right, im sitting on a chair with one leg on the floor and one leg one the chair , but i cannot feel the leg on the chair at all, its really weird , ive tried poking it with a pen but i honeslty ...

 Does this sound like a migraine? I have had a horrible,uncontrollable headache for over 24 hours now.?
I have been asking questions on wisdom teeth,,,,but, I think its more serious than a wisdom tooth extraction. Okay so here goes. About a month ago I went to the ER the doctor with a horrid headache....

 Painful leg cramp when I wake up?
Its happened twice, ill wake up and as soon as I wake up it feels like my leg (Not the thigh or foot the part in between) Hurts really badly. ]= Just a random Charlie horse or something else?...

I am so sore... from working out...
What do I do to make it go away......

 My Mum doesn't know I cut myself, how deep does a cut have to be until it's dangerous?
I don't want to say this, but I self harm :'(, it hurts badly, but it helps me to feel better, it's the way I cope with life, I am depressed, and I cut my arms, I haven't done ...

 i cant get my poo out?
help! Please. Lately i have been having trouble getting my poo's out. Last night i couldnt get on out simply because it is way too big. So i went to sleep and woke the next day thinking maybe my ...

 What can I do to ease my tonsillitis pain ='(?
What can I do to ease my tonsillitis pain ='(?
This is the worst it has ever been, I feel like someone has shoved a big fat spiky ball thing just above my throat. I can't eat, drink, ...

My Ribs, Stomach and Gut Hurt...Why?
Recently the bottom of my ribs, my hole stomach, and my Gut have been aching, they feel like they've been pierced with a knife...or some-thing similar to that since I've never been stabbed xD. Anyway, it hurts to eat, I have been trying different kinds of food (solids, Liquids etc) but still they ache. I drink a lot of water too. I know its nothing too serious because its not agonisingly painful. Besides, if I got an answer here that says its some-thing I should see a doctor about, my parents would think its still nothing :/

Any ideas on whats going on?

i got blisters on me fingers

go doc

MaN !n D!$GuI$e
it happend to me recently its the food you ate its probly expired food you can prevent this by read the lables and smell the food for now i think you should move around especilly out side it gets your body working at the begging it hurts but youl feel better in the end and have a laugh about gets the body flowing and poo as much as u can it gets the food out :)

mitzi h
it could be your colon or you being constipation. watch what you eat.

go to the doctor or it could be growing pians

Have you eaten or fell most of the time you pulled some thing but if you know what that feels like you should go see a doctor could be some thing bad that has happen that you don't know what i would not use ask for this i would use webMD.com

sounds like food poisoning to me, you get yourself checked out by a doctor

Sounds like an intestinal infection. This can be very serious, even deadly; should be seen about.

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