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 Would you feel pain if you jumped off a building?
I'm wondering this because my friend told me that if you did your pain nerves would shut down instantly and you wouldn't feel pain at all, is this true?...

 Excedrin migraine headache pills?
I have a bottle of the Excedrin migraine headache pills & it has a funny smell in the bottle & pills.Is it still safe to take? It kinda has a bitter smell to it & the exp date is march 200...

 My chest and ribs hurt to touch?
When I even poke my chest or my ribs, it hurts pretty bad for about 5 minutes. Any one know what it may be?

Ps. please don't say "go see a doctor" or anything. I just want ...

 Last night, I was singing and dancing to whip my hair...my neck started to hurt and it hurts to put it down..?
I was shaking my neck and it hurts to put it down and lean back but it doesnt hurt to move left to right..HELP PLEASE....

 I don't know what it can be...?
The lower right side near my abdomen if very sore when ever I move it feels like something is moving/stretching inside of me (same place) it hurts a lot!!! but moving is by far what makes it ...

 Can I Play sports with heel pain play with the pain?
I play basketball and volleyball and i have bad heel pain it hurts to jump but when i wear insoles the pain get better but i can play with the pain will it eventually go away?...

 How to get rid of cramps without taking a medication ?
These crampps killin me ! ughh can someone tell me someways to get rid of these cramps WITHOUT medications ?...

 Is it bad to walk 18 miles in one day?
so last night i had to walk home from my friends house cause i couldn't get a ride. its was mostly uphill but i kept a good pace probably around 4m/hr it took me like 4 hours and i didn't ...

 My head hurts so bad help me please?
My head's been hurting for about an hour, and I can't stand it. What are some tips or hints or something that can help the ache fade away? Not medicine please I don't like medicine. A...

 Can teens get arthritis?
im always texting, typing or on the register at work and its really taking toll on my wrist. i have a feeling the pain and the cracking noise could be arthritis but i didnt know if you could get that ...

 Please help, migraine?
I know I'm going to get a migraine in the next couple of minutes or so because I have that little thing in my eye that makes it hard to see.
Is there any way I can stop it right now so I ...

 Sharp pain in my lower right side?
I am having sharp pain in my lower right side of my stomach, and it's started hurting about two days ago, and I ignored it, & then yesterday around 5pm it started hurting every time i moved. ...

 What hurts the most? please help?!!?
ok so i only want people that have had either all or two of these piercings to answer
i want one done or all three but how bad do they hurt.on a scale of 1-10<...

 all my bones and joints ache all the time?
im only fifteen and my back is so painfull it sometimes stops me sleeping, my knees are the same and now my ankles hips and fingers are going the same way .. im actually in a lot of pain and its ...

 Sore pain behind jaw under my right ear?
I woke up yesterday morning with this really sore pain underneath my ear, behind my jaw. The pain is at it's worst when I first wake up..but progressively feels a little (not much) better as the ...

 What can be done to help back pain?
I have chronic back pain. It runs all the way from my lower back up my spine and braches off to the upper left. I was prescribed a brace and pain killers but I try so hard not to be dependent on ...

 Numbness in top of leg?
Every time I am standing for longer, say, than five or 10 minutes, my leg goes numb from the knee upwards. I have only recently noticed it. I am wondering whether it is to do with the beta ...

 I sous like to know the equivalent of 20mg percocet to dilaudid.?
I have chronic pain, have had for ten years. Had surgery, stimulator trial that didn't work and next step pain pump. I was on 20mg percocet every 6 hours and then put on dilaudid 4mg every 6 ...

 upper back is killing me... help me!!!!!?
my upper back is hurting me soooo bad, like every time i stand up straight or move lol... this has been going on for about two days now... any suggestions on either how to get rid of this or what ...

 Why do my ribs hurt for no reason?
I do skateboard and fall a lot of course. Never had any injuries to the ribs at all my left side of the cage just hurts. I'll be fine during some part of the day then out of the blue I'll ...

Massive Stroke and no feeling on the left side of the body?
What can the out comes be to older people having Massive Stroke to wee they have no feeling on their left side and still have more than one after that one?Because the doctors are telling us that he may not have any feeling on his left side.. How long will something like this take to recover and what would we be looking at in the long run if or when he recovers from this?

as you may know a stroke is caused by embolism in a part of the brain leading to lack of blood supply to that area. body parts being served by the segment of the brain which may degenerate now become insensitive and unable to function. plus regeneration of central nervous nerves are not guaranteed. hope is not lost however. with good physio and brain training (and medication of the emboli). wish you the best. don't loose hope.

There is no way to find out if he will ever fully heal. Only time will tell. He may always never feel the left-half of his body, or he may heal in a few years fully. Sorry that it happened.

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