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 My neck swells up before and after my period. i cant lay or swallow on that side and i can feel it in my ear?
neck pain either side ear pain when swallowing . this happens before or after period all the times every ...

 i have been having terrible pains on my lower right side vomiting and diarrhea but now my pain has spread?
what should i do what could be happening i have no gla ...

 I have restless leg syndrome. Would exercise help?
Would exercise hurt or help restless leg syndrome?...

 i had a cortizon shot yesterday on my knee and it got swollen and mademy sugar go up to250. is this normal?
is it normal to have your sugar lever rise this high. Today i have a high fever. What's happening to me?....

 Where can I buy prescription mediction at the lowest price ?

 what is when a Disk protrusion at C6-7 deforming the ventral thecal sac.?
mri of the cervical spine....

 Cutting Relieves Pain?and hows this?
I dont understand this out of most things i just want to know how cutting yourself relieves pain....

 What has been your experience after bunionectomy?
I have a smallish one on one foot, not sure of the angle, but it's hurting more and more all the time. I'm wondering what people's experience is with the surgery, recuperation time, ...

 what could be some causes for knee and leg pain?
My sister injured her leg at work approx. 1 year ago when a patient fell on her leg. Since this time, she's been in pain and has not been able to work. Her pain stems from above the knee and ...

 what is the best prescription drug for muscle spasms?

 How do you get rid of a neck pain?
Last night i slept with 2 pillows (one over another) and on my side too. Since i woke this morning my neck has been hurting like CRAZY. i can barely move my neck and sit down and get up.
I am ...

 any doctors in the house?
if someone had Osteoblastoma in the arm, would they mor likely have it in their knee if they have chronic knee pain, please help!...

 Is anyone familar with one sided facial tingling?
For the past 6 months or so, i have experienced facial tingling/numbness in the right side of my face. It feels like your leg or foot feels when it "falls asleep". It only lasts 30 ...

 how do you get rid of cramps in stomach ?
it hurts and i wanna get rid of it and i want my stomach to feel great again . Maybe because i ate too much food yesterday and at night need to go to the bathroom and felt like i had to throw up and ...

 after oreal surgery?
okay. i just had oreal surgery on Wedsesday and it still really sore and im beging to bruise. is that normal? oh, and eversence ive also been getting really bad headaches in the back of the read. my ...

 I just had neck sergury, were my c5 and c6 was fused together. I am now suffering sever heart burn.?
I am currently taking lots of Loritab, for the pain. I am drinking lots of water. could it still be the medications that is giving me the heart burn or should I be worried and contacting my DR>?...

For the past 4 days i have had a VERY bad sore throat. Currently, its very difficult for me to swallow ANYTHING. I havent eaten in the past 3 days because its so painful. I went to the doctor and ...

 weird muscle cramps have benn happening to me lately?
i am not an athlete
and i drink lots of water
is it potassium?
my diet?
the cramps are in my neck, calfs, and feet
and usually happens when i stretch, take of my shoes etc....

 hi, my upper chest hurts, upper middle, and last night when i was sleeping, i felt tightness in my chest.?
i smoke about a pack of ciggs a day, and havent had any physical activity for about a month now, all i do is sit down. i stress my self out too much on whatever project im working on, i'll stay ...

 persistent shoulder pain, for years... should I get rotator cuff surgery? Your experiences with it?
I have inflammation and pain in my rotator cuff, going back years. Now that I'm actively weight training again, it's really bothering me and affecting my quality of life. Before ...

Legs go to sleep while standing?
When I'm on my feet standing or walking, after about 20 minutes my legs go numb. It feels like there is liquid fire in my veins and my lower back feels like it's going to snap. What's going on?

You need to see a doctor about this problem, because their could be a clot in your legs. This is extreme, though, just find out at the doctor's office, it is worth the visit,trust me or you may not like what's to come in the near future. Good luck in your ventures, anyway!!

ed d
You probably have a pinched nerve in your spine which could be caused by numerous things. See a doctor it is possible it could get worse.

You might be 300lbs. and your legs can't support all the extra weight.

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