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 i took too much TYLENOL?
i accidently took 11 regular strength tylenols all at once today
im 15 and i dont drink
and thats my first time taking too much
will it affect me much?...

 i have chest pain when i stand up, what does that mean?
its really odd. if im hunched over its fine, but if i stand completely straight up then my left/middle side of my chest stings....
is this anything bad? or is it nothing of importance?

 my head hurts sooo bad i have tryed everything u can think of but it wont go away&?
dont say go 2 da hospital cause i have B4 & they dont do anything
my head feels like ithas been shot with a shot gun
so do u no anyother ways that can stop it?

 my throat hurts when i swallow??
my head also feels pressure. i got it this morning i got 2 cure it fast. tried tylenol cold, numbing, cough drops, salt water, honey with tea. is there anything else?...

 Would you?
go to the doctor if your jaw was swollen and you could barely open your mouth?...

 I woke up last night and my toe hurt SO bad I couldn't even get back to sleep! I didn't injure it?
It hurts on the top part of my big toe, right behind the toenail. It is all red and swollen!!! I am freaking out because it hurts to walk!!! And I know I didn't do anything to injure it ...

 HELP, Uncle is having Pain Relief overdose!?
My uncle is having overdoeses of pain relief beacuse he says ha has a terrible pain in the back of his head, should i take him to hospital or just leave it! please reply :)...

 my friend has not eaten or drank water since Thursday afternoon and has now taken 22 tablets of panadol...?
what should i do? help......

 Anyone living with someone in Chronic Pain?
My boyfriend hurt his back in an accident last year and has really changed. I want to shout at him sometimes, but he's in so much pain I fee guilty. I came across this article http://www....

 How to get rid of back pains?
Well I think I stretched my back and it hurts really badly, especially when I try to move my arms. What can I do?
Oh, and please don't tell me to go see a doctor or something, I'm 16 ...

 Is cosmetic surgery the key to happiness?
It's becoming so popular in some countries that people can bear the pain to go through, not one but a series of operations.
What do you think - is the pain, cost and consequences worth it? ...

 What can cause a pain on the lower right side of my stomach?? Please answer now!?
Ok, Im 17 and a female, and since about four or five days ago i've had this pain on my lower right stomach. It only hurts once in a while. I thought maybe it was my appendix, but when i push ...

 what side is your apendix on?

 cartilage piercing..does it hurt?
I am getting my piercing done on my upper ear in a few hours, Im 14. i got my 2 lobes and they did not hurt at all. i can stand cartilage.... and im going to pagoda and getting the gun... I KNOW IT ...

 How can I try and relieve back pain without having to go to a dr.?
Do you think I should try a hot towel and stuff?? what might help without having to go to a dr?...

 can anyone diagnose what i had last night :(?
last night i had the most intense headaches of all time so bad i couldnt look or walk i was dizzy shaking and my eyes felt asthough they were going to explode...couple of hours later i was sick with ...

 is it ok to use benadryl with ibuprofren?

 I really need help. Please answer...?
Well i have been trying really hard to go to sleep for the past hour. ive had no caffeine, no distractions. i will lay down and there is like a feeling in my leg. its like its telling me to move my ...

 Does it hurt getting a cavity filled ?
Im getting my cavity filled tomorrow .

They are going to give me laughing gas ,

Does it hurt to get it filled ? They said its small .

But still this is my ...

 In a load of pain, Did I break my wrist!?!?
I was sleding down a hill and went over ramp. I poped up high and to brace my landing I used my right arm. Idk what happened but I guess I landed on my right hand. My wrist started to hurt like ...

Is there an easy way to get hydrocodone ? Without going to the doctor
I have permanent back pain (back surgery from injury in USMC - Desert Storm) and have been on vicoden or hydrocodone for 15 yrs. My back flares up and I go thru the monthly supply i get from my doc. I need a supplementary source for hydrocodone. My quality of life depends on me working and getting around, etc. Anyone have any experience with supplementary, legitimate sources for hydrocodone, or vicoden ?

Angus Mac
oops I mean go to the doctor LOL

go to mexico, but ask them how much to get to not get questioned, also ask your doctor what else can he do to help you or change doctors. Some get addicted to hydrocodone it is not the case for me I only took it when I need it for my back and neck pain from a car wreck, many times I forgot until the pain comes knocking on my door and I go oh yeah I missed my pill. Are you taking any anti-flammatory meds? I know pain is hard to deal with my prayers are with you. Now I have started taking some homeopathy medics and they are great also I purchase a water chiroflow pillow between the two my pain is almost a thing of the past. Maybe they make a body pillow will help. Check it out call 1-800-234-8879 Hyland's Homeopathic Medicines.

Peace Out,

if u live close to mexico try going to mexico they will sell it to u without going to a doc.

ms.native pride
Well, you could go to 3-4 doctors and get filled at 3-4 different pharmacies.But having been on the stuff for 15 yrs you must know all that.Your best bet is going to treatment,your addicted dude!

don't mess with the stuff. Use your doctor and meds appropriately. You'll get caught. Just follow the right path and see a pain management specialist. You don't want to get addicted to this stuff and if you take the meds off the recommended way, you will.


Not really no

A legitimate source for these controlled drugs - is through your doctor.

Heather G
Not really. You could go out and find a drug-dealer but if you get caught you risk serious jail time.

If I were you, I'd get my doctor to put me into rehab for your back pain.

Being on vicoden and hydrocodone (I'm sure you know, both are highly addictive) for long periods of time will eventually ruin your kidneys.
And the medication becomes less effective as your body builds up a tolerance. (which you are finding out now means you run out of the Legal prescription your doctor wrote for you)

Jessica B
No, but if your going through a months supply quicker that you should, your pain isn't being properly managed. I would ask your doctor if there is another pain regimen you can try like a long acting medication with something short release for breakthrough pain.

Just ME
Sorry about your back, but sounds like you may use too much at once.

Your prescription is for x amount x times a day. If that is notworking & you need to take more, then you should have your prescription reevaluated for something stronger.

You can try the Mexican pharmacies but that takes a long time and it is expensive and still not legal I don't think.

These pills have a tendancy to become dependant on them. Be careful with them.

There are no legitimate sources as it is against Federal law to obtain the drug with over 1 prescription. Since it is highly addictive, doctors are reluctant to increase the dosage. I too obtain it from the VAMC in Dallas.

I had a friend who used to get it from an online pharmacy but don't know if he was caught or just moved away. I know he said it came from a Costa Rica pharmacy.

circa 1980
You need to go to a doctor for a prescription. Don't do any online pharmacies....I saw a documentary on it...NO, NO, NO!!!! 15 years...wow. You get a monthly prescription and you need more? What are the chances you may be addicted? And if you are...I've heard it is painful to not have painkillers....so, I suggest...go to another doctor if you're truly in pain...and speak to your doctor about lowering your dose and trying to wean yourself off. That is a long time, and whether you are addicted in your head or not...I'd bet you are physically.

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