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 Will the cortisone shot repair the bulging disk and pinched nerve.?

 If you get a prescription and the refill and no refill box haven't been checked.?
If you put a refill in would the pharmasist check with the doctor to verify the refill....

 is have ulnar neuropathy the reason why the two last digits on my hands go to sleep?
i now know the cause for the moderate pain and numbing sensation i have in my hands. but i was wonder why only the the last 2 digits on my hands are always asleep. is this caused from the ulnar ...

 Sharp head pain on right side lasts only few seconds-what is it?
The past two days I've been getting this painful sharp piercing feeling on the right side of my head. It lasts for one to two seconds, feels as though it kind of spreads out and fades away. It ...

 Does anyone know how the drugs Soma and Vicodin compare to each other?
I know Soma is a muscle relaxant but does it do the same thing as vicodin? All the online international pharmacies that ive seen dont offer vicodin, but soma is always on there. im just curious about ...

 What could be the possible reasons for Pelvis Pain?
For years now, i have gotten Side Pains if i walk to fast, walk alot, run, or sometimes just 4 no reason. I recently have gotten pelvis pains. What are all the possible reasons why your side or ...

 should I get compensation ?
I had surgery 14 years ago (the only other surgery i've had) and the doctor left behind a tag off of an instrument inside my belly. Should I be entitled to something for my pain and suffering ?...

 Why does my left ear hurt when I take a drink?
I noticed the other day my left ear hurts. Not bad enough to really notice it. But when I take a drink of something (especially something cold) my ear hurts really bad. Does anyone have any idea ...

 What kind of shoes should I wear when I have heel pain?

 When I wake up in the A.M. I seem to be swollen. Why & what can I do about it?
My rings are tight, face feels chunky. I have lost 50 lbs. but still in the morning I am swollen up enough for it to bother me. As the day goes on my ring gets loose and my face feels thinner. W...

 back aches?

 Diclofenac Sodium?
cure for?...

 Children's Advil...Asprin???
Does children's Advil have asprin in it? I would think not but I can't find it on the web. If it does, then why? When can children have asprin?...

 I have had chest pains for over a year. I had CAT scans MRI's. What could be the cause of the pain.?
Also I have had pain underneath left breast and sometines shortness of breath....

 How long does antibotics and pain killers stay in your system?
Only March 15th I had a horrible...horrible tooth ache!! I took the antibotic cipro (only one), 1 ultram. The next day I took another cipro and a lortab followed with some codeine cough syrup for ...

 How much spinal cord impingement is needed before problems occur?
If this impingement is from a herniated cervical disc would there need to be a lot to have issues or would there be issues if it was simply being touched. If so what issues, impairments could be ...

 Why do I get this Pain in my leg at night?
Every once in awhile I get this Really painful sharp pain in my leg located I guess on my calf! It feels like a charlie horse. I think its when i stretch at night. All of the sudden...I get this pain!...

 When should I consult a chiropractor?
I have horrid back pain that's lasted for a solid couple of days now; it's in the middle of my spine and the surrounding area. My office chair is also seeming to aggravate it, unfortunately....

 what can i do to help a sprained ankle? i have to walk around alot today but all i can do is slowly limp?
i have no wraps or anything....

 Do I have a runner's knee? Is it serious?
I have been playing a lot of soccer lately as well as done a lot of walking to classes and back from my car several blocks away. Over the past couple of months I have been feeling a pain above the ...

Is it safe to take Tramadol 4-6 hours after taking a dose of Hydrocodone/GG Syrup?
I'm needing to switch meds. and wondering if I can do that within that amount of time or if I need to wait longer.

Hope for cutting down or out - no promise Read The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Davies.

I am a nurse practitioner. Ultram will be safe to take after that amount of time after the cough syrup. Just wait another 4-6 hours after taking the Ultram to take the cough syrup again.

I can't speak for you because combining meds is never safe without your doctor or nurse telling you it's ok. Everyone is different. I did take both meds. I take Tramadol and an assortment of meds for arthritis and other health problems.

♥ Stacy ♥
You need to call you pharmacist as both of these meds cause severe drowsiness.

mixing drugs? ask a pharmacist.. just 1411 or yellow book it .. they can give you the answer in 30 seconds and you can be sure it's safe.. and other than the cost of the phone call it's free.

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