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Alyssa R
Is it normal for a 19 year old to have back pain (I'm a full-time waitress)?
Lately I've been getting back pains in my upper and middle back. It started last week while I was sitting at the computer lab doing homework. I though it might be because I worked a double, 16 hours straight, at the sports bar I work at, but that was 3 days ealier. It doesn't hurt unbearably, but usually it's older people who have back pains, not young adults like me. I work full time, go to school full-time, and I'm under a lot of stress with financial issues and stuff (I live on my own, pay my own bills, etc). Could that be why? The stress and how much I work?

It could be from bad posture. Sit up straight and keep your ears over your shoulders. Check out this article on upper back pain for what to do to get better. email me if you need more help

Chimanlal Desai
Hi Alyssa R, No tension at all. Read: Reasons for back pain 1.Working for long-hours and working as a full-time waitress for long-hours defiantly affect out body. Over-working means, assets are limited 2..Continuation of this situation for a prolonged period of time will lead to excessive stress, strain, other diseases and injuries and ultimately will affect the performance of an individual. 3.People are not over-worked but they are spending more time at workplace because of their duty consciousness. 4. Duty hours must be not more than 8 hours for any job with ½ hour lunch break. 5.People think that they have PLENTY OF TIME at their disposal to complete their work, they lack the sense of urgency Remedy: 1.Just relax for a while in a room provided to you for rest. Close your eyes and be calm 2.No any medicine at any cost to reduce pain. 3.Sleep straight on floor and role your body to and from 4.Put a thick pillow underneath where you get pain. Keep your both hands bellow the aching portion for 10/15 minutes. Apply light pressure on hands 5.Do massage with olive or any massage oil. 6.No stress/tension at all. You are quite OK. Forget the pain. 7.God is great. Bear with your financial problems OK. .

Make sure and wear comfortable shoes that provide alot of support when you work at the sports bar. Your back pain is probably a reflection of the stress in your life so follow preventative health techniques (exercise, eat right, get enough rest) to take care of yourself!

John L
A waitress' job needs a lot of bending over tables, when you talk to a customer, when you serve food or clear up empty dishes. This imposes a lot of stress on your middle and upper back and neck. Sitting long hours before a computer also causes stress on the middle and lower back and hip joints. Therefore it is not surprising you are having back pains. You must take breaks in between to straighten and stretch your back and some gentle trunk twisting. If possible, work shorter hours at the bar. It will not help you to earn more money if it is going to be used for doctors' treatment in the end. Think of that. Be blessed.

weill since you work and go to school full-time it can cause back pain and possibly stress can also be another cause of your back pain if your still having back pain go to your family doctor and he/she will prescribe you something

yea dear if u r doing full time job definitely ur body needs rest an if u r not taking proper rest u can have these type of problems like u mentioned back pain ... dont worry just maintain ur schedule and take proper rest ..every thing will be fyn .. so keep rocking and live happily

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