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 if you are not sick but you take a pill for head ache nothing happens right?
i know its wrong to lie, but sometimes i dont wanna go to school (i have reasons) and my mom tells me to take a pill..if i take it nothing bad will happen to me right?...

 are acetaminophen and ibuprofen the same thing?
I am allergic to Ibuprofen so I want to know if I can take acetaminophen. Aspirin does not bother me....

 my whole body feels weak and i feel like im going to faint?
I am 17 and i weigh 180 pounds the past 3 weeks my whole body feels like it weighs 0 pounds.It happens about 4 time a week and last at least 6 hours. It is starting to scare me I have a doc appt but ...

 He yawned and i didn't.?
I am a teenage girl and have a real interest in this guy i met and we were hanging out and he yawned and I didn't yet I was looking directly at him. I always yawn after someone constantly too. W...

 I'm 23 years old and i think theres something wrong with my knees...?
My knees always hurt when i walk too much. It's like a snapping feeling in there. It's weird. When i sit with my knees bent for too long they hurt so bad. I dont know what this is, i'm ...

 I had pins put in my finger and i had them taken out now my finer is really sore and is it infected?
I accedentaly closed/slammed my finger in my dads truck door and ha d to have pins put in it i had them taken out and now its soar and has liquid coming out of it....

 My right eye hurts.... Help?
So I woke up this morning and I blinked then around my right eye felt like it was bruised...
my left eye has no problem.

Anything you guys know? Or how to treat it? T...

 My left molar hurts so bad its causing me a headache?
I normally eat with my right molar but used my left to eat an apple today and for some reason 20 minutes after, it hurts so bad and it feels like my molar is 'locked'. I've used my ...

 My foot has been at me for nearly 4 weeks? can anyone help me..?
i was dancing one night and bam i pulled something up in my right foot, it took awhile to feel any pain, after awhile though, i got this pain i only get when im standing up for longer than 20 seconds,...

 Pain in the arch of my foot? Help?
For the past 3 days, I've been having pain in the arch of my foot and it won't go away. It feels like a cramp, but it's only when I walk/stand, never when I am lying down; unless I ...

I have been runing 5 laps a day in Gym since Tuesday.
I'm not in very good shape. lol.
I woke up yesterday and my legs were killing me (upper leg and calfs.)
Then last night i ...

 Why am i getting headaches so much?
I am 14 years old, and it seems as though i am getting headaches everyday. I keep a log, and for the past few weeks, its been headache after headache. i haven't seen a doctor about it yet. I ...

 whats the most easiest way i can i hurt my achilles heel intentially, or my ankle?
i really dont want to play soccer, so i need a ...

 Can I take Tylenol after I was on xanx?
I took two and ahalf xanx yesterday but I can still feel it. I need to kno if I can take tylenol for my head....

 My thigh hurts and its not a blood clot?

 Can i take more than the 20mg of hydrocodone (liquid form) the docter prescribed?
the 20 mg is not helping me anymore...i got my tonsils taken out a week ago i started to take 30 mg but now that doesnt help much. Whats the most i can take without having an overdose or being sick?...

 something under my nail?
it doesn't hurt much but it still does
I have no idea what it is, one day I was just on my laptop and I left clicked on my touchpad and something went under my nail since I chew my nails.<...

 When I get up from sitting or lying down, I get a sudden headache and I see just black for a few seconds. Why?
I also feel like vomiting all the time (no I'm not pregnant)

I remember they are symptoms of low blood pressure, but I'm not too sure.
I really need help right now, but I ...

 Advise on tailbone discomfort?
I got a new bike saddle about a week ago and I found it uncomfortable sitting on it I have not been on it for about 4 days. I have been having a pain although not severe in my tailbone region when I ...

 How long does oxycodone stay in your system?

You Look Really Good Today :)
I pulled my quad. What can i do to get it to stop hurting so much (please answer i need to know quickly)?
It's kind of annoying, & i don't know whether or not i should do soccer practice tomorrow or not. I've never pulled anything before. I broke a couple things before, cracked a lot, fractured a lot, sprained a lot, but this is my first time pulling anything. What can i do? (or not do?) Just what do i do period i need help.

You need to go to the ER or a clinic and get it looked at. They can treat it as best as they can, maybe suggest physical therapy, and talk to you about medications if necessary.

Since you can't examine you, can't test you, have no access to your medical records and we aren't trained to do any of these things...we can't tell you what to do.

There's really nothing you can do for a pulled muscle except take it easy. Icing or heating won't help and there's really no medicine you can take.

Don't go to soccer practice. Don't do anything that makes it hurt, it'll only make it take longer to heal.

If you don't aggrivate it, it will be gone before you know it.

Quad or hamstring? I would ice for the next few hours. Paracetemol.

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