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 Since I took my ibuprofen for my headaches. I also took?
klonopin for my headaches. Will this help me. Please help me?...

 Can someone Help me with the pain of Carpal Tunnel?
Hi, My name is Megan. I have been having wrist problems for sometime now. I am 17 and ever since 8th grade I my wrist have always hurt on and off and now it doesn't stop. My doctors told me at ...

 How do you instantly relieve a charliehorse/leg cramp in the calf?
I am on the swim team at my school and i got a really bad leg cramp right in the calf. Thing is, i got it yesterday and it's still not going away. So, got anything besides massaging and ...

 Shomach ache after eating any ideas?
My boyfriend has been experiencing stomach aches after eating however this doesnt seem to happen after every meal, he said it started to happen when he had 5 consecutive bad days at work could this ...

 What causes migraine?

 My arm hurts. what should i do?
i was doing a cartwheel today and i twisted my arm. my wrist and elbow started hurting and it hurt more a few hours later. i dont think its a big deal but it got to the point where it hurt to throw a ...

 the past week my whole head has just been hurting! why??
im 14, and my whole head hurts! everywhere! the forehead, the sides, the back, everything! it gets a little better with sleep but comes back! what is this?...

 I'm M-26, good shape, but periodically have sharp pains directly above my left temple, like a knife poking me.
Any Advice?...

 my back hurts?
yesterday, i hurt my back doing this thing trick thing were someone holds your arms up while you are laying down and then they let you down slowly and you are supposed to fell a weird illusion of ...

 i am on meds that dont help. Vicodin helps me in my situation. but my doc wont prescirbe it to me. whatdo I do
my docs have tried several anti depression pills and anxiety pills and even anti psycotics. nothing has really helped me. I have gotten better with some of my issues but deep down there is still that ...

 I have a HORRIBLE headache?
i even took Excedrin and thats not working, any suggestions???...

 To go to the ER or not?
Okay, to make a long story short, I have a chronic illness called Dysautonomia that affects all of my body systems. I have full body spasms and the like when I have episodes, I turn blue a lot, etc.<...

 am i physio?????????????
last night i was in this completely wired mod like i started laughing out of complete random. Then later that night i went in the bathroom sat on the floor and just stared in ...

 is this normal?
Like my head hurts a lot but the thing is that it only hurts in half part of my head
is that normal?...

 What will happen if i keep hitting myself in the head hard?

 I keep getting throbbing headaches, sore neck and pains in my arms and the top of my head. I don't know why.
I went to the doctor a year ago and they diagnosed me with too much stress and it was causing me to get physical symptoms. Do you think that this is just a part of stress?...

 My tounge hurts, it think it might be burnt, how do I soothe it?
For a few days my tongue has been hurting, not all of my tongue but enough to annoy me.
It normally arouses when I eat or if I graze it on my teeth, it really hurts?
Could I try some ...

 What could this stomach pain be?
a few weeks ago my life got really hectic. I am 16, and run xc, and also in marching band. I have been really stressed out. Since then, I have developed a burning pain a little bit above my ...

 I just got a new Sealy plush bed and it seems too firm. Should I get a pad or exchange it?

 Why do i get really bad cramps in my legs when i sleep at night?
ok sometimes i get cramps in my calfs when i ...

I just got my tongue pierced last night and its sooo swollen how do i help the swelling go down?
ive tried everything, ice, cold water for hours on end, even benadryl didnt work. but my tongue is till huge and kind of painful... i got it done last night around 7pm and since about 9pm my tongue has been huge :( any ideas for relief?

you take that piece of contaminated metal out of your mouth

Prof Lisa
Ice Cream is meant to help with the swelling and beer is meant to ease the pain. Although my tongue is pierced it didn't swell so I don't have first hand experience but that's what the fella who pierced it told me.

diane w
just take some ice from the frezzer and uck on it if you can it takes about 2 days for the tounge to start going down

lol, its going to be annoying alot longer that just now. definately do the salt water rinse, I would stay away from dairy or anything else that can get trapped in there and start to rot. mayby popcicles

maybe the metal wasnt properly cleaned? That swelling should have gone down already

Ice cold beer

that's what I did.

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