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 There's pain in my chest, what happened to me?
There's pain in my left chest.
It's painful.
It sometimes makes me hard to breath.
I feel a bit weak,a bit weak.

Before I go to the doctor's,I want to hear ...

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 Ways to Relieve EarAche????
my ear is beginning to get sore, are there any ways to stop it from getting worse??? please help thank ...

 Is it blood pressure or does it have to do with blood vessels?
I have frequent headaches usually towards the end of the day and at night. Regular pain killers (like tylenol don't do anything). What I feel is blood pulsating very strongly usually on the ...

 Give me some answers on my back pain?
I am only 15 and I get these horrible back pains, Like when I get up in the morning. I have worked with my dad for 6 years< just to go because I wanted to. But we poured concrete so it was preety ...

 Uh-Oh, I think I'm hooked on my pain mediction. It's not supposed to be addictive. It's called tramadol and
for mild to severe chronic pain. I have been using it as prescribed for a couple of years and just recently started upping my own dose. I'm up to about 700mg/ day and I'm getting scared. I ...

 How do you relieve a gout?
A gout is a swelling of joint in feet of ...

 I have inner ear pain all the time, what could be the problem?
I have been to the ENT, a regular doctor and neurologist and all them say they cant find a thing wrong. My dentist thinks it could be TMJ but he really dont know. Ive had xrays done and no tumors. A ...

 I have a little pink round pill with the numbers P-75 on it what is this?
i wanted to know what this is before taking ...

 From where can I obtain paracetamol tablets in the United States ?

 Does anyone know if BioFreeze is now illegal in the state of Illinois or West Virginia?

 Can you get high from taking Paracetomal?
Just want to get out of it for a while. Thank you....

 When I drink TOOOOOO much I get a pain in my mid-section?
What's that about........... Don't ANSWER if I'm dying even if I am....

 What medicines will cure chest pain?
My brother woke up with chest pain yesterday morning. He can't run or anything. What are some medicines that will cure this?...

 What is the problem with my wife?
My wife is admitted in hospital for a full check up,She is saying sometimes getting body pain and she has no power for walking.
she deliverd a girls before 4 months.Docters are saying,donot have ...

 Anyone suffer from Gout?
Does anyone have any home remedies for the pain of Gout?...

 Have you ever had a Charlie Horse in your throat?
I get this horrible pain in my throat under my jaw but above the Hyoid Bone; like in a tendon. It usually happens when I stretch and yawn at the same time but has begun happening just by swallowing. ...

 has anyone felt worse after taking neurontin?
i take 1500 mg of neurontin as of a week ago and now i cant sleep and my leg and back pain seems to have gotten worse.any advive would be gladly ...

 leg muscles streching?
i use to have pain in my leg some time during the night because of this how can i get rid of this problem? thank ...

 i want e mails?

I have no insurance and I need to get an MRI done. What is the best adn least expensive way to do it.?

What makes you think you need an MRI? A doctor should decide if you need one. You should be able to receive treatment at a community health center or emergency room if you need health treatment.

do you reside in US? if yes... go to the hospital..
give them the script for the mri... tell them you have no insurance.. apply for charity care...

A MRI is usually ordered by your doctor and if he knows you are uninsured then he may have or know of a lab that will take the test at minimal cost. Ask him if he can help you.

as someone else stated, price checking is helpful, and even if the facility charges $1500 for a MRI, insurance usually only pays a portion of that & they write off a chunk of it... so you will likely get a good discount if you tell them you can pay say 1/2 or 1/3 up front & then do the rest in installments or even put it on a credit card in monthly payments.
you may get a $1500 MRI for $700.

if you are lower income & uninsured, you may qualify for some form of state health insurance or medicaid-- if you just dont have it for other reasons- none thru your employer or self employed & just dont have it... then you just gotta pay for it.

hope you are well.

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