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 what are the best type of stretches for tendonitis-affected wrists?
Hi, I have been working at a new job and since it is not related to typing it hasn't done any harm to my tendonitis situation. However, I want to heal my wrists enough to get back to doing ...

 Has anyone been successfully treated for Cervicogenic Headaches?
I was recently diagnosed with Cervicogenic Headaches-- which are chronic (at least in my case) headaches that result from a neck injury or neck tension. I went to a neurologist who I didn't ...

 I was 6 days late and then the period came?
I'm ttc and was late for my period thinking I might be pregnant but bam! it came today! I get really really bad cramps on the first day, so much so that I lay there and cry for 5 hours, its ...

 I am experiencing tinkling weakness on both of my legs.?
Need to empty my bowels ...

 chest pains?
iv'e had a chest pain since november. i went to the doctor and they told me i have a condition called costocondritis. he gave me meds and they didn't work. so i went back and got an xray ...

 Why does my jaw hurt?
The pain started at about 8:30 PM today. I haven't done anything to my jaw, but whenever I try to eat, my left side hurts. It doesn't hurt when I open and close my mouth, but only when I ...

 Recent chronic headaches, what could be the cause?
About three weeks ago I started getting daily headaches. They are not severe, and they go away with a couple ibuprofen. They are more of a minor nucense than anything. I have been doing some ...

 soma and vicodin, is it dangerous?
can someone tell me the dangers, and all effects, of taking soma and vicodin togeather? any and all info will help....

 What's wrong with me . . . ?
These are my symptoms and they come and go: -pain under both breasts -pain under ribs -pain in lower right stomach -heartburn that sometimes seems to go through to my back -fever -nasuea -...

 tThis is a post-op question which I can't seem to find an answer to.?
This involves the hand/wrist area where an IV was inserted . Should you have pain moving up the arm,swelling, soreness and tenderness all of which seem to be getting worse; and a lump or knot under ...

 Does an epidural for back pain make your back worse?
I had an epidural for back pain and my pain has gotten worse? I had it about 5 days ago and the paper the hospital gave me said it may take up to 2 weeks to see results. This is my 2nd shot for my ...

 What could cause my left leg to go completely numb when I lie on my back? Prior back surgery?
I have had 3 discectomies at L4-5 and a 1 Laminectomy at L4-5 w/ discectomy at L5/S1. My last surgery was in December of 06 and these symptoms started about 3 weeks ago. My left leg goes completely ...

 Was anybody else given Lyrica another purpose, who suffers from migraines that found relief?
I'm not complaining at all because the greatest side effect I have had from lyrica is the fact my migraines have ceased since I started taking it. The exact same thing happened to my Aunt when ...

 Lower back pain- I've heard that wearing a pack as a counter weight helps. Any ideas? if so, front or back?

 Please Help????????????
I suffer from tension headaches and for the past 2 weeks they have gotten wore. I wake up every morning with a really really bad headache wich starts in y neck then goes up and round my head. It is ...

 Im getting a sharp pain on my back down on the lower right side...?
It comes and goes like a stabbing pain ... not bad enough to go to the emergency room but I dont know whats going on cos Its never happened to me before ... has this happened to anyone else? What is ...

 is klor-con 10m from Mexico the same as klor-con 10mg bought in the u.s.a?

 what can i do for bad ribs?
some of my ribs are out of place... they've been broken once......

 What could cause a sudden, acute pain top of hip in back for over a week, without any injury.?
I have never had an injury there and cannot decide if it is an inflammation of muscle tissue, or lining of bone or body cavity. It feels better after a bath or a night of sleep. It is painful to ...

 Is there relief/cure for constant pain in forearms and wrists/fingers that may be in the nerves?
My fiancee has been suffering from constant pain (not just discomfort!) in both her arms and wrists. She used to work for a bank as a teller, and that's where she developed the problem. That was ...

I have a pain (dull ache) behind both knee's and in my hamstrings.?
I stand for pretty much most of the day. I am a police officer and the ache is localized behind the knees and in both hamstrings. I do stretch often, but the ache persists.

Hot Chocolate
Your job is very demanding ....therefore the special lady in your life should concentrate a little more on these troubling areas while massaging you...Hopefully you did not pull anything while in hot pursuit..Take long baths with some Epsom salt and just relax when you get home...that heat can really help with your stretching. P.S. Hope you feel better...

Acupuncture is the only solution for it, not the pain killers. It may disappear if you rest. Try massage and heating pads or hot brick/sand pouch twice a day. Hot mud bandage on painful site will also help; use soil from hill preferably.

You may have a tear in your ACL. That is the ligament in the back/middle of the knee. You could have injured it running after someone on the job. I would recommend seeing an orthopedic doctor (bone and joint dr.) about it. Get an mri done to see what is going on. In the meantime keep doing your stretches and try applying some heat and see if that helps. Good luck to you.

Pat the fireman
One thing i suggest trying is using some Bio Freeze. Its very good and easy to apply with out any mess. You should be able to get Bio Freeze at a Chiropractors Office if not just refer to the web link at the bottom. Anther product I use on my back which talk about killin the pain but the smell is intense and you need to wash your hands after applying it is Tiger Balm and you can get that usually at Wal * Mart or on the web site at the bottom. See link. I highly suggest that you get into see an orthopedic surgeon to have them really do a once over on your knees that there could be something more underlying.

Unfortunately your muscles are being over used and that is why you are having chronic pain. If you have a access to a Jacuzzi I would recommend you do it every day to help relax the muscles. A good qualified massage therapist would be able to work out a lot of the pain, so you can go Through your days without constant aching. If you don't have a access to a Jacuzzi take a hot bath every night with 2c. of Epsom salts dissolved in the water. this will help the muscles relax. Take a calcium and magnesium supplement twice a day as this can help with the pain. If you have any further questions just let me know, Billie77

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