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 why am i so incredibly dizzy?
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important info:
last year i had an mri on a weak knee<...

 How to fake that my wrist is strained?
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 Why does my hand keep falling asleep?

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 i woke up in the middle of the night with a pain in my ear?
the only water ive been in is showers and one recent bath, i put swim ear drops into my ear just in case, but it burned when i dropped it in, my ear hurts still and its 7 am, should i see the doctor ...

 What kind of a headache is this?
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 Im scared of getting appendicitis what should i do?

 Why arent you sleeping right now ?
I was playing cod now I'm in bed on my iPod haha what's your ex-use?...

 what's wrong with my ear?
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 Should we go to the ER?
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 can i take motrin and aspirin together?
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 I just took a sleeping pill, but I have a tooth ache allso can I take ibeprofin?
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 I hurt myself working out?
I overworked myself working out a week ago. I did a lot of push ups and pull ups. I did get sore but it got so bad that it was more painful than the good soreness. It took a few days to die down but ...

 Please help me, I am in serious pain and don't know what to do?
I have a severely damaged tooth from a fight...(long story)
It is now 2:27 am, and I have no means of numbing the tooth, I was hoping someone knew of a way to get the tooth extracted at this ...

I get headaches everytime I lay down..?
I get headaches every night when I lay down..and I get them all the time on the bus ride home from school.

Do you know what could possiblybe wrong?
Should I go see a doctor?

need as DR
Common Causes
Read Q&A
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Consult a general physician.

I have had headaches for several years and found a few things that have helped me.

1) How is your eyesight? I had bad eyesight in one eye with astigmatism and didn't know it. I tried contacts for a year which helped a little and then finally had lasik surgery which knocked my headaches down quite a bit. Since you are riding the bus you are probably not old enough for lasik which isn't recommended until after you are done having children of your own.

2) Check on something called TMJ which is an irritation in your jawbone that radiates up to your forehead and causes it headaches. Do you grind your teeth? People who do commonly have TMJ problems.

3) Do the headaches you have seem to be started or made worse from bright light? If you have to look at computer screens a lot or have flourescent lights around you it can be bothersome if you have the migrane type of headaches.

4) When you lie down is the headache worse on your back or stomach? Lying down increases the blood pressure to your brain and can amplify a headache that you might not notice yet. For me it was much worse on my stomach - I would even black out sometimes. Try dark glasses when you are outside if light effects you.

5) Stress! How much stress do you have? If it is a lot here is the trick; breathe in deep with your diaphragm (sticking your stomach out while inhaling) instead of raising your shoulders to inhale. If your diaprhagm becomes stronger (it is a muscle) then stress will come off your shoulders which in turn takes stress off your neck. Stress on your neck causes headaches as well.

6) Do you drink coffee every morning or have a caffiene soda every day at lunch? Caffiene and caffiene withdrawl can cause headaches.

These are all without taking pills like excedrin to alleviate a headache, but there are so many factors and different types of headaches that it is hard to pinpoint what causes your headaches and how to cure them. I don't think going to a doctor is necessary but getting your eyes checked can help.

Lastly, I feel for you. Headaches are one of the worst things I have ever dealt with.

i have this problem too...when i wake up, i have a pulsing head ache, if i lay down on one side, the inner middle to outer right/left side of my brain crunches, like if the muscles tighten or something was crunching on it inside...it hurts alot, but when i get up, it goes away but comes back when i sit down or lay down..my brain feels loose and get migraines, went to the doctor and without any test the doctor said"its not a tumor, your fine, do u want medicene?"...i cant help either, just feel for u since ive been like this for a month +..if i breath in deep from my nose, my face and eyes go stiff and roll back from the sharp my pain i get from my head and if try to breath thru my nose and out my mouth, its either good or bad...i cant help,but can some one help me?

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