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 Weird pains, what do they mean?
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 Pain in ear that messes with throat. It will not go away with any treatment. Any suggestions on remedy?
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 my mom just saw an 82 year old lady get hit by a car what do i do?

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 Can someone tell me how to help a back pain?
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Well a really big kid went with him and now he has like a ...

I'm having sharp pains in my ribs.
what does this mean?...

 leg cramps?

 whats wrong with me,I get headaches in my right temple everyday !?
I have moments where i cant stand it lasts for 3 seconds max i stand and my head hurts, and it gets blurry. Also i feel nauseous everyday and these headaches lasts for hours at the max. What do i do ?...

 why does Stress...?
make you have back aches and chest pain, my dr said is was soemthing called Thoraic stress??
ive never even heard of it!...

 How can you get rid of Canker sores? or ease the pain?

 is your appendix on the right or left?

 How would a antidepressant ease severe pain?
Like the antidepressant "Nortriptyline?...

 Why does my girlfriend always get such bad headaches right before we get into bed?
Is there anything that would cause a woman to repeatedly have migraines every time she winds down at night? She seems fine throughout the day, but once night falls and it's time for us to get ...

I can't get rid of this headache!!?
Hi, I've had a headache going on a week now, I'm allergic to something in Excedrin and I've tried almost everything else. I get headaches, but they at least respond to medicine, this one - not so much. It comes back as soon as the medicine wears off and sometimes doesn't even go away. I think it's tension, but It's as bad as a Migraine at times.
Will it eventually go away?
Also is Aleve good for tension headaches since it's more for muscles? My mom say's it may relax my neck and get rid of the headache.

drink a lot of water
put a cold cloth on your head
and lay down and close your eyes
this should help!

You MUST see a doctor coz it might be something serious !

drink lots of water. Most of the time I don't drink alot of water and I get a headache.

please get your blood pressure checked...a lot of times hypertension headaches are misdiagnosed for sinus or migraine headaches. You willnever know until your kidneys are failing...

i had a really bad headache for two weeks, try taking some tablets and going to bed early that's what helped me. now i feel fine.

The two things you can do before seeing a doc is to make sure you are well hydrated, lack of proper hydration is a big cause. The other is to evaluate your sleep habits. Have you been getting enough sleep?

If it is persisting a week and you can rule those two out, I would see a doctor. It could be a migraine, or the small chance that something more serious is going on up there.

Do you know if your allergic to anything because this is often an unsuspected cause of headaches?
If not here are some home remedies for headaches:
-a warm bath
-have a glass of red wine which helps to relax
-change in diet avoiding pro-inflammatory grains and sugars.
-Soaking your feet in a foot-bath will divert the blood supply from your head to your feet. The water should be at a temperature of 95°F to begin with. Gradually add hot water to the foot basin until the temperature reaches 115°F. Soak feet for several minutes then pour in cold water until the water becomes lukewarm. Dry feet and put on wool or thick socks. Lie down for 15 to 20 minutes.
-Herbs such as lavender, ginkgo Bilbo and feverfew may relieve headache pain. Feverfew should not be taken when pregnant. Discuss appropriate herbal treatments with your naturopathy professional.

Aleve may help if it is a tension headache try it out and see if it works!

d r
medical marijuana should do the trick.
what you're experiencing could also be a positional headache.
drink caffeine.
usually if i have a bad headache, i'll go down to the dispensary and pick up some medical weed.
i had a lumbar puncture and the hole where the needle entered wouldn't heal, so the fluid that cushions my brain started to leak. to replenish this fluid, i was hooked up to a pure caffeine iv. when i left, the doctor recommended i drink lots of mountain dew.

You may need to see a doctor. Maybe you have migraines.

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