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 sudden twitches and spasms?
I'm a 16 year old boy, very active, 190 lbs 5 foot 11 inches and am mostly composed of muscle. i eat right most of the time and get a bout 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night during the week and frob ...

 I'm having back problems. Help!?
My back has been hurting me for awhile now. I have pretty poor posture, so I thought that was why. But, even when I stand up straight it hurts. It's gotten worse in the past couple days. To the ...

 How to feel the pain of loneliness?
I love my sister very much.i want to be with her always .but now she is going to shift her house .i cant be normal .with out seeing her .i don have even a single friend to share my personal .she is ...

 What's Wrong With My Back?!?
ok, so i was snowboarding last weekend. the conditions were very bad and i took a big fall into a ditch with rocks everywhere. i slammed my back pretty hard and couldnt move for a little bit. after ...

 Muscle tension in mid and upper back?
I have always had muscle tension and back pain but for the past few months it has been getting worse. Whats weird about it is I only experience the muscle tension on the left side of my back. It ...

 pain and weakness in hands after using sulfamethimethoprim is it a side effect to this drug?

 Can you have 2 spinal taps in a month ?
Yes ! It hurts so ! Bad....

 what's with my leg? is it really my A.D.D?
My leg tapps. and people say stop stop, its annoying, and it may be, but I can't stop. I have A.D.D, and I'm usually not like this. but recently (maybe two months) I've been doing this ...

 What are some menstrual relief tips?
this morning i woke up and got my period (great christmas gift) and i have the worst cramps and backache. sadly i have no pamprin or midol, and motrin wont do any good. and home remedies to recommend ...

 Do I have appendicitis?
Okay, so beginning yesterday I have had a recurring (but not overly excruciating) pain in my lower right stomach, almost on my hip bone. It hurts when I stand and walk, but otherwise doesn't ...

 I have had a pulsing pressure by my tear duct and down my nose. What is it?
The pressure comes in waves and it is in the upper nasal/ tear duct area. Pushing on it makes the pressure release. I dont know if this helps at all but I have been extremely sleep deprived for the ...

 Why do my elbows make pop noises?
this happens whenever i do push up & it doesn't hurt, till i start working out my triceps and use weights. i tend to stop doing more reps. why does this happen & what do i do?...

 Shin Pain From Bowling? HELP?!!?
I have not bowled in years. But I recently got a new ball and i have bowled for the past 3 weeks, 6-10 games per. 2-3 days a week. and i have been fine, but two weeks ago, towards the end of my 5th ...

 How do i get my joints to stop cracking?
When i was little it was cool. But there is not a joint I can't crack. Jaw. Neck. Shoulder. Back. Hip. Elbow. Toes. All of them. its really aggrivating getting off the couch and 2 or 3 things ...

 sometimes i feel the side of my head vains pumping?
okay you know when you run and when you stop you feel your heart beat .. but when i run sometimes in the side of my head i feel my vains pumping .. is that normal.. should i go to the doctor ?...

 i have ringing in my ear?
ive had this ringing in my left ear for an hour ive had ringing in my ear before but it was only for a ...

 How to get rid of muscle pains?
I have severe pains in my shoulder blade, and sort of underneath my armpit. Also on my back on the ribcage. It's all on the right side. Tomorrows Christmas, and I have A LOT of family coming ...

 I feel pain inside me ear, but i am not sure why?
When i do a half grin with the right side of my face inside my right ear i feel pain. i feel it now too if that helps. it sounds a bit like a sound check on amps when i that half of my mouth and chin ...

 my appendix hurts.. I think?
My right side of my stomach, right above my hip (where I think your appendix is) has been hurting for the past few hours. It only hurts when I move a certain way. I looked up appendicitis symptoms, ...

 I've been experiencing pain between right thigh and knee, what could be causing it and how to heal?
At the moment I'm experiencing a tight pain between my thigh and knee on my right leg. I'm only 137-140lbs, i'm 18, I don't smoke or anything. I generally am fit, I walk a lot ...

I'm constipated right now.?
I'm constipated, and can't go to the bathroom right now. I have a good diet, but I need some quick relief. It's because of what I ate yesterday, which is only because of the holidays. This is not a long term problem. What can I do to relieve myself now? I tried going earlier, pushed as hard as I could because I can't take it. Now I believe I may have some anal bleeding. None the less, I need help. I tried going again after a light shower, but it only hurts badly now. What can I do to help myself now, and get rid of this? No, I cannot go to the doctor. It's a short term problem. Don't ask or say it, it's not an option. A blockage? What's the difference?

I just answered a question on constipation and will copy the answer now; This is constipation, unfortunately, and it is best not to 'strain' (push). Increase your fluid intake, and move around--that is what makes the body flow. Some say coffee and tea work well to help get things moving, as well as fruit juice. You can get either a laxative or stool softener at the pharmacy or market. The blood is from pushing--you may have a hemorrhoid, either internal or external. You may want to buy some Tuck's (little round) pads/wipes, which are more soothing than toilet paper. Fill the bathtub with warm water and sit in it for some relief--no soap for right now, as the area is sore and sensitive. If you have some vaseline, you can put it at the opening, to help soothe the soreness. they also sell hemorroid ointment (like 'preparation H') or the generic, to help soothe the pain. Some foods are very 'binding' and don't agree with everyone. best wishes. A blockage is when the intestine is actually blocked, so nothing will get through. it is serious and you'd be very, very sick if you had it--severs cramping, possibly vomiting , as nothing will go through--so it comes out the other way. Hope you feel better.

I agree with the enema idea for quick fast relief but if this does not work then you might not just be constipated, you could have a blockage and if so you need E.R. treatment asap don't put it off thinking it will be ok cos if that enema don't move it then you need to take emergency action. Good luck and happy new year

Senthil Kumar
Pomegranate fruits will help a lot in such conditions. The following article may help you http://skayurveda.com/herb-herbs-herbal-home-remedies-natural-treatment-natural-herbal-cures/herbs-fruits-medicinal-properties/pomegranate-the-red-pearls.html

The Penguins Bowtie
Go to the store and get an enema. It will clean you out quickly. Make sure you completely read the directions first.

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