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 how do you get rid of a migraine without any medicine?
I'm in school right nowand have no acess to medicine... how do i get rid of my migrane?! ):...

 I'm having some head pains?
Today i have been having head pains. I think it might be because of a cold i have but to be sure i want to give you my conditions.

I have had moderately high blood pressure for a while (i&#...

 Really bad headaches! Help me please! I would really appreciate it!?
Help! I have been having really bad headaches! How can I make it feel better or make the pain go away!? thanks sooo much!...

 I have acid reflux at night and I can't sleep even taking Prilosec OTC. What else should I do?
I am tired of losing sleep due to heartburn....

 My ear hurts so bad?............................?
will pain meds (ibuprofen or tylenol) and a heating pad make it go away.
I have some pain drops that i have been putting in my ears too....

 My throat really hurts, how can I make my throat not to hurt?
When ever I swallow something or talk or yawn my throat really hurts. What should I do? I don't want my throat to hurt. I can only whisper....

 how to get rid of a headache when there is no headache medicine?
Does anyone know how to get rid of a headache, I have a terrible headache and have no tylenol or motrin in my house at the time... any suggestions?...

 How do I get rid of wrist and thumb pain after birth of child?
Picking her up is causing something like carpel tunnel. I heard that there is a name for this problem. Mostly I just want to know what to do about it. One friend of mine had to have a cortisone shot ...

 I have a really painful lump on my chin?
I have a very painful lump on the middle-right side of my chin, its about the side of a very small chick-pea, but its not noticeable until i look in a mirror very closely. It only really hurts when i ...

 What's wrong?
I woke up this morning with my right wrist hurting, the back of my left knee hurting, and my right hip...is this normal or is there something wrong? They hurt whenever I put weight on them...it hurts ...

 Dads having his hemorrhoids removed...?
My Dad is going in on Tues to get his hemorrhoids removed. I guess they're going to tie them off or something like that. He wanted to ask if he can get a few pain pill for if it should hurt ...

 Why do I fell this pain and should I worry about it?
I am 12. For a while now I have been feeling this slight pain in the lower left part of my back. It is the kidney. Could you tell me what this means and should I worry about it?...

My mom had surgery and she's been taking oxycodone pain killer and something else. She says she feels constapated. Should I go get medicine, if so what? What else might help without meds?...

 Why did people bite down on stick during a painful operation, did it lessen the pain?

 Heartburn for 13 year olds?
I had Heartburn last afternoon at around 4:30 p.m.
Am I the right age to get it? I definitely know for sure I had it! It was a burn in the stomach! What causes heartburn? What can I do to ...

 Why do we get headaches if we don't eat breakfast?
WHY? If I have a late breakfast/lunch, I always end up getting a headache if I don't eat in the morning....

 My tongue hurts very much what to do?
Hey !

My tongue has been hurting very much for last 3 weeks, as if it's burnt.
I can't eat properly and it hurts very much, also it feels as if there are many spots on it ...

 im getting ultrasound on my hip?
can you do ultra sound through clothes....because its on my hip i dont wanna be naked exactly.......is it possible if it can go through clothes or underwear?...

 Can back pain spell the end of physical work?
i have been suffering with a weak back with about 12 years.Each year I would be hit with it for two weeks max.This time around though I have been out of work since october.I have been attending a ...

 Headache Home Remedies?
I have researched other websites and Home remedy sites so I know what they have to say. Do you have a home remedy(other then what the remedy sites say) that works for you to get rid of a headache....

That one girl
I'm 12 years old and my knees crack!!?
Whenever I bend down I can hear these cracking sounds. I'm really scared that this means something bad. Its been going on since I was 10. Will drinking milk help?

Stacey Strawberry
you eat to much pineapple

Well, it's just the cracking of gas bubbles!!! This might suprise you, but there are actually liquid stored in between bones. When you pop the bones, a air bubble pops. Have you ever wonder why your knuckles crack? It's the same thing. It's normal and it's just that you haven't moved for too long.

the same thing happens to me... its nothing. i can continuously crack my wrists and my elbows and my knees crack alot yet nothing is wrong with me. some people are just like that and it doesnt mean anything is wrong

Ohh, I think thats natural. Sometimes, when ppl bend down, there knees tend to crack. It happens to me sometimes lol It's nothing bad, but it's normal

my ankles do that and wrist do that to its normal!

ya mom!
mines attend to do that too and im 14 my dads also does that it might be in your family....

If you feel there's a problem ,see your doctor .

β–β–€β–€β–Όβ–€β–€β–Œ β–Ί Devin β—„ β–β–„β–„β–²β–„β–„β–Œ
hehe i turned 12 4 days ago and my knees do that too for some odd reason maybe cause your not active enough i have nooo idea

It's just the fluid in your knee joint moving around. Same way knuckles can crack.

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