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 Should i go to hospital for bad back pains?
its mainly in my neck and my right shoulder.
My ears keep ringing and i can't hear a thing! it's like my head is under water and all you can hear is that low sound.

I can...

 really bad pain,its like a head ache?
my head really hurts right above my right eye and it feels like a head ache but it hurts a lot worse
i cant find the head ache pills
what should i do???...

 Can you help what to do about my foot?
I fell down the steps the other day and hurt my pinky toe. Then I was doing a cheer and it poped and went sideways. Now It's all red and in pain! I know because none of my other toes are red!...

 oxycodone & midol; is it okay?
I took midol like 3 hours ago and some change but it wasnt really effective. can i take oxycodone?...

 Migraine help please! Experienced patients please!?
I have had migraines for years, I have tried MANY meds including ALL the triptans, lots of preventatives, including gabapentin topamax nortryptaline celexa seroxuel and to many to remember, over 45 ...

 Hi all!I am a singer who woke up with a sore throat today. How do I get rid of it fast?I have a Gig tonight!:(

 what is better for a ear ache Heating pad or Ice pack?

 ear problems ouch lol!
hey everyone! i was wondering something. my ear feels blocked for now about 3 days ; and my ear drum feels sensitive ; and my ear hurts bad. is it ear wax build-up? did i poke my ear drum? what is it....

 how does a paracetamol know where your pain is?
when i have any ache and pains ie toothache, stomach ache, head ache, or any other common problems.the doctors tell you to take paracetamol. how does a paracetamol know where the pain is?????...

 What are the causes of Muscle Breakdown?
What are the, or some, causes of Muscle Breakdown?...

 Please HELP! My mom is crying about a back pain!!!?
My mom is like in her early 40's and has just started getting a HORRIBLE back pain. Today when she woke up she felll on the floor. She said some days it hurts and some days it doesnt but the ...

 Body ache after waking up.?
I have this on-going issue that when I wake up, my body ache... (neck, back and arms)
Not only that, I get migraines and my eye begins to kill.
The last quite a long time, to be ...

 What is this pain im suffering on the left side of chest ( right near heart ) when i sneeze ?
It is really bad like a heart attack , only been suffering it for the last 2 weeks .Pain also goes up in left shoulder and left upper arm .

I had open heart surgery 8 years ago ....

 lump on back of head/neck?
i have a lump on the back of my head/ neck more the bottom of my head just where it stops and when i move my neck it can be a bit painful it was there before but went away but now it has come back ...

 is that why im feeling sick in the moring and peeing a lot and my back hurt a lot?

 A terribly upset stomach... I don't know what to do to make it go away!!?
I have had an upset stomach since last night, I have taken TUMS, Pepto, and even some gas pills and nothing helps. It is just this pain that is always there and won't go away. I have eaten, it ...

 Maybe someone can give me some information about social security disability?
My best friend has a herniated disk in her back and is unable to have surgery, because she has no insurance. She is having lots of pain, in her back, hip and legs and is having a hard time working ...

 My son is 11 and he is getting really bad leg cramps in his legs at night what should i do?

 any one know how to get rid if a headache?

thus started yesterday after i ran a race i threw up and then my head is now pounding when my heart rate increases. It really hurts in the side and back of my head can this be serious?...

How to make my leg stop hurting?
My leg has been hurting for the past 4+ months. It hurts all down from my behind down the thigh and into my calf. It's like a muscle pain and it hurts when i walk, bend over, stand for long periods of time. Like i can't even lift my leg to put my socks on without it hurting. I don't have insurance so I refuse to go to the doctor anytime soon. Ibuprofen/advil doesn't work or help. I wear flip flops a lot and my mom seems to think that is the reason why, but i disagree.

Most people call that sciatica... your pain is located in your lower back also. For the simple reason, that is where the nerves arise to form the sciatic nerve. Most common level of distress is L.5, S.1. When ever you stretch that nerve you experience pain. Also, whenever you bend or twist, you are further compressing the nerve where it exits the spine.. along with the irritation comes the edema of the inflammatory process. Leaving a reduced amount of motion before experiencing the symptoms.

My husband has a similar problem. The doctor narrowed his down to bursitis in his right leg. He talked to my husband about trying a cortisone injection into the muscle or joint. My husband being the baby he is declined and has chosen to suffer instead. I have had cortisone injections, at times they helped me but I later ended up having surgery to correct a problem.

Need more info. about how you started hurting. What you've done before it started hurting.

But in any case. I hate doctors. You wait all day long and pay high prices and for them to tell you, its just a sprain. But anyway, here are some hypothesis of your condition. It could be that you need to buy a foot pad to align your heels cause its putting a strain on one of your leg. Or your spine is out of line which requires a chiropractor (which is cheaper than a doctor or physican). Your spine cause your nerves to hurt. Another is a pulled muscle or if you haven't been using that certain leg muscle for awhile and worked it drastically it may hurt. Last but it maybe paralisis (spelling). If you feel burning and pin-needle pains stinging on your leg. Which is nerve damage, sign of a stroke and can cause muscle failure.

you should to listen to your mom

Is there a doctor in the house?



stretching, stretch your hamstring

Hard Crowbar
Go to a chiropractor.

If you have insurance this should qualify as preventative care.

find a free clinic in your area. if you have trouble, email me and I will try my hardest to help you. (oosmurfette53oo@yahoo.com). you have a pinched nerve or a disc problem, in your lower to mid back. that is not something to mess around with. you need to get to a doctor.

It's sciatica, the same thing that I have and I've been diagnosed. The Doctor said that there's nothing they can do until it get's worse. Then, the only thing they can do is back surgery to repair the pinched nerve which is causing the pain. Let me guess, it's in the left leg right??? I'm sorry to give this answer, because like you, I'm sure you're looking for a reason to stop the pain. Go to the clinic, they don't care that you don't have insurance. They'll probably prescribe Baclophin, and or Neurotin. They work wonders for me and I am not hurting all of the time.

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