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mike m
How many soma tablets (muscle relaxers) would someone have to take to be fatal or to overdose and die?
I was wondering if too many regular Soma pills (muscle relaxers) can make you die? and If yes, how many would be fatal?

Reva P
If you're looking for a way to kill yourself, please call your local suicide hot line.

If you're asking because you're afraid that you might have been prescribed an excess dosage, rest assured that your pharmacist actually reads these prescriptions and picks these things up.

If you're worried that it might accumulate in your tissues and build to a fatal amount, then you need to know that all meds have a specific "half life", the amount of time in which they stay in the body, and that that is what determines the timing of dosages.

You can find information, in plain language, about any med by going to www.webmd.com and scrolling down near the bottom of the page, to the "Drugs A - Z" link.

If you are concerned, because you think you took too many, then please, call 911. In fact, honey, if you're asking this question, then it's time to get some help, now. Call 911 even if you haven't, because it's clear from this that you are asking how easy would it be to kill yourself. That's depression talking, not you. Call now, and get some help...things really do get better.

I know because I asked a very similar question of people at the Poison Control Center, 6 years ago, when I was wondering how many ibuprofen it would take to die (none...won't kill you, I found out). And I didn't die, and I am a million times grateful today that I didn't. Like I said, it's depression that is making you want to die, not you. Please, please, will you call someone, now? You can either call 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) or call 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255). If you need assistance with TTY, then you can call 1-800-799-4TTY (4889).

Dr Mike
Do not take more than 4 tabs per day. This is the daily maximum dose. If one was to try to kill themselves with Soma, they would not die and would be very miserable. You would develop fever, erratic heart rate, warm, dry skin, difficulty breathing, and on, and on, and on. If you feel compeled to harm yourself, I assure you it is not worth it. I have seen many young people try to kill themselves with drugs and they ALWAYS tell me, "Why did I do this, that was so stupid."

The Chesire Cat
it clearly depends on the persons body weight, tolerance to the drug, and milligrams ingested..

it will vary , no direct answer can be given without more information...

I will not answer that

Yes a large dose of Soma would be fatal and no I am not going to tell you how to kill yourself. If you are having problems get into therapy and have it fixed, death is a permanent solution to a temporary problem (from someone who has died and been brought back) Take the Soma as the doctor has prescribed for your muscle pain

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