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How long should ears be tender for after first piercing?
My daughter recently got her ears pierced about 4 days ago and she complains of tenderness around the piercing part (where the post is, at the hole) and it has been pretty consistant for the 4 days. Is this normal? It is not red and there is no signs of infection. We are using the ear care stuff but how long should I expect this tenderness on her ears?

Id say a few more days yet

I say a week, they'll be tender for a while. I would call the piercing place just to double check for their opinion. If it's still consisted and not going down I'd look into getting her ears checked for infection. Good luck.

danielle h
well when i got mine done for the first time i was five i didnt find it hurt that much i dont really remember how long they were tender for, but for my second ones they were only tender for about 4 days to a week, its different for different people tho! hope this helped!

It's normal. Piercing pain usually lasts about a week - week & a half.
Tell her to be careful not to pull too hard on them, spray them with Bactine (anti-septic spray, works the best for mine), rotate them several times a day with CLEAN FINGERS, and you should be fine by the end of the month.

if there isn't any swelling or redness or anything like that, then it should be fine. I think you should just keep taking care of it the way that was instructed. by the way, how old is your daughter because if she is very young it may feel different than if you got them pierced at a later age.

my family actually owns a tattoo and piercing shop, and with as many piercings i have had, i would say the first week expect tenderness, and then comes the crusty healing. After that they may become a bit tender again, but within 2-3 weeks all the healing should be completely done. after 6 weeks they should be able to be changed out.

Marie H
She will most likely be tender for just maybe today and part of tomorrow. If she is still tender you might want to try removing the earrings to get a better look into the whole and make sure there is no redness. Also remember to twist them often when they're in her ears. Her ear may be adhered to the posts, causing pain when the earring is jostled.

It depends on how old your daughter is. I got my ears pierced at 14 and took them about a week and half up to two weeks not to be tender. Just make sure she keeps twisting the earning around and putting solution on them. I actually had my skin grow over the ear hole just a little. The more you twist the earring around in the pierced flesh better she will be. Just keep using ear solution they gave you. Give your daughter up to a week or two and see what happens. I'd suggest going to a Physician if it doesn't clear up

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