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 My mother has chronic Arthritis and often gets muscle spasms what can she do?
She takes physical therapy and her doctor has her on the neccasry medications but the pain is still unbearable for example when she goes to get up out of bed to use the bathroom she gets muscle ...

 How much vicodin does it take before it kills you?

 Is it okay to take a Tylenol(sp?) after stretching my ears?
I changed from a 10 gauge to 8 gauge a few minutes ago and my ears are throbbing. It stung a bit when I put them in, if that makes a difference. I don't want them to swell or anything, so is it ...

 How do I minimize backaches and knee pain caused by running?
I love to run! I run on the treadmill about 4 times a week for about 30 mins ... can anyone tell me how to prevent backaches and the odd knee ache caused by running? I tend to get them quite often, ...

 I was recently diagnosed as have os acromiale in both shoulders. Should I have surgery to repair them?
I began having shoulder pain late 2005, early 2006. Originally, I thought that I had slept on my shoulders wrong, but when the pain did not go away I sought help. I now believe working out on a ...

 Stabbing, throbbing headache?
Hi. For the past day I've been getting these stabbing, throbbing headaches. It feels like someone is stabbing a knife in my brain. The headaches come and go. They come about every hour and ...

 too much advil??
i have shoulder tendonitis and i take 3 advil a day before baseball practice so i can play through the pain everyday. Today i woke up and my stomach is hurting. I think its cuz of advil, but 3 a day ...

 How do you get rid of and avoid toe cramps?
I get them all the time and I cannot get rid of them!! Help!!...

 does percocet damage bones?

 Pains in legs help!?
It seems everytime I get off of the tredmill both of my legs hurt really bad. It feels like spasms or something running through every part of my leg. I run about 15 minutes on the tred, and i don'...

 a lot of pain in my neck/upper back PLEASE HELP IN PAIN!!?
for 6 days now i always got pain or discomfort in my neeck or my upper back. whenever i do scapular squeezes or rase my arm up to reach something there is a lot of pain in my right upper back. No the ...

 Back pain while laying down?
Whenever I lie down on my stomach after a long day of work, my back starts hurting. Eventually I get used to it, but is this something a chiropracter can fix? or is it something worse? I try to ...

 total hip replacement surgery?
Is there anyone who has had total hip replacement surgery who could tell me about their expercince with recovery time and the time it took them to push past the fear of fall's and how long it ...

 percocet in system?
how long does it stay in your ...

 What would cause severe knee pain?
my knee is very tight and I can hardly bend my leg.
What could this be.
I thought maybe I have strained it!
I have been putting ice on today and keeping it elevated.
but it does ...

 my doctor said i jaunjise ...can u tell me antthing about this and what it can do to u?

 Really bad back pain? excruciating?
I woke up this morning got out of bed and out of no wear I felt this excruciating back pain kind of like a leg cramp but this was in my lower back . any ideas of what could have happend? Im only 25. ...

 my husband complains of freezing all the time since he had his stroke , why?
he has diabetes, he's had a stroke and has alot of circulation problems....

 Has anyone else broken their femur and after five or six months still experience a lot of pain?
Broken in a car accident. A rod was surgically inserted....

 Wrist pain...?
I'm very active (playing hockey, golf, racing Formula cars, and working out constantly) and have developed a nagging pain in my wrist. It's fine normally, but it's quite painful if I ...

How long should I wait to drive after taking hydrocodone?
I had four wisdom teeth and an impacted canine out on Friday. Today (Weds.), I feel as though I have been hit by a bus. If I take an ibuprofen at 10:30 AM, then a hydrocodone two hours later (12:30 PM), will I be O.K. to drive at 5:30 PM to my grad school class (it is 30 mins away)?

Mark P.
Take 5 then leave after 5 minutes. Watch those yellow lights, they change to red in light speed though...

Possibly not, if you've taken them before and you know how drousy you get and if your concentration is o.k. then it could be o,k, to drive.
But if you are inexperienced with these pills i would suggest to take one earlier in the morning and only drive when you have to. take care now.

If you're not used to taking these err on the side of caution and don't drive at all.

♥ terry g ♥
I wouldn't recommend driving at all while you are still using hydrocodone. If something were to happen you could be changed with Driving While Ability Impaired. Try to get a ride from a friend until you are feeling well enough to stop using the meds.

It's hard to know. Everyone reacts differently. For me, yes... I would be able to drive, but I take them enough to know my reaction. It is always safer to hitch a ride or stay home and recoup a little longer...especially if you are in as much pain as you say you are!

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