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Chad K
How can I keep my Spine aligned, when it is misaligned I have sciatic pain?

I think you will find that it is more than an alignment problem if you are getting sciatic pain. I would seriously consider seeing your doctor and explaining the pain you are exeriencing. They will most likely order a CT scan or a MRI to see if it is a disc protrusion (bulge). A disc protrusion will impact on the nerves causing pain and no amount of aligning will solve the problem for you. I would try seeing a physio therapist, as they will give you some relief from the pain, but also a series of exercises which will strenthen your core muscles which hold your spine, this will also improve posture which is important. Swimming regularly would also be helpful. Have a look at prolotherapy which helps with the ligaments which hold the spine in place, sometimes they can get 'loose' and this will help tighten them. Have a look at www.prolotherapy.com for more information. Good luck with finding the cause and some relief.

Avoiding hard work, twists of spinal chord, jumps etc will help. You should sleep on hard bed without pillow. Woolen mat is also better. Yog is second remedy, provided you get a good experienced teacher. You can visit us for better results.

Christopher J
I suggest you see a doctor and express your concern about your misaligned spine. Request to get an x-ray done and avoid stretching your spine to prevent further damage.

Ok, go nuts on core strengthening. Then, go nuts on flexibility workouts (focus on hamstrings and glutes), while continuing to go nuts on core strengthening. Go nuts on walking and bike riding. If all this fails you, then get an MRI, again an MRI, and see a surgeon. Good luck.

Munya Carr
try yoga this will strengthen your "core" and keep your spine where it should be!

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