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Hip pain I woke up this morning with is still bad. Any suggestions?
I don't feel any better and can only put some weight on my left leg. It kind of feels as if I have a marble in my ball and socket joint of my hip. I've been doing icy hot for the last 9 hours and a couple of ibprofen. Should I make the 40 mile trek to go to my ER doctor or is there a different home remedy I can try?

Hey Pet! Well, i am waiting to have a total hip replacement on my left hip and i can barely walk at this point. Yes, you need to get to an ortho dr. so he can do x-rays, i have NO cartilage bw my ball and joint so i'm rubbing bone on bone and it hurts like $#@!!! So i am on pain meds (Lortab) which is vicodin, muscle relaxers and a xanex at night. It seems to hurt the most at night cause the throbbing in my hip wakes me uuuup!!!!!!! So you really do need to go get the x-rays and see what is really going on.....good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would definitely recommend the visit to the doctor. Usually they recommend any sudden onset of pain be seen by a doctor immediately, especially if a change of position does not relieve the pain, or makes it worse. My husband woke up with a weird pain in his shoulder and it just got worse throughout the day and it turned out he had injured his rotater cuff taking out the garbage. He required two shots for severe swelling and one for pain. The doc said it would have been useless for an extended period if he had waited even 6 hours more to go. So go, get it checked out. You've been in pain too long already. Good Luck

have a massage :)

I would try rubbing it and maybe soaking in a hot bath. Other than that all you can do is wait. You may have slept on it wrong. When that happens to me it sometimes takes 2-3 days for it to stop hurting. If you don't feel better in 48 hours or it starts to swell or it hurts realy bad, you should definitly go to the doctor.

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