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 I've had this terrible ache at the back of my head next to my right ear ONLY it comes like a contraction?
It's comes with a sharp shooting pain about every 15mins.I don't recall hitting my head at all what could be the problem?Help need some ans.fast....

 How to cure ear pain?
Hi, my son said his left ear really hurts. It's not swollen or red or anything like that. He just said it's really painful. What's a solution to this?...

 What would cause inner ear pain, throat pain, lower back pain, and uncontrolable chills?
All showed up in aboutt 1 day....

 Effects of Knuckle Cracking?
I have a tendency of constantly cracking my bones. When i wake up I crack my knuckles, my wrists, my elbows, my knees my ankles and my toes in that order. I always heard a loud Crack and i love it......

 how can i get rid of a headache that wont go away.?
it started yesterday when i woke up. originally, i had cramps and took two midol, [i also took tums and maalox, two of each. unrelated, but worth stating.] after a few hours of that, i tried two ...

 Back pain, ibuprophen dosen't help. I can't focus on my homework, I keep feeling the pain.?
I have had this back pain since my son was a baby, he is now 2, so about 2 years with this pain. It started off slow, throbbing once and a while, I went to the doctor, she suggested I do a few ...

 my foot is killing me!?
ok so the pain starts around my ankle and goes all the way down to almost my pinky toe. on a scale of 1-10, my first step getting out of bed is like a 15, then as the day goes on the pain goes to ...

 BACK PAiN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Recently, maybe the past few months, my entire lower back has hurt non stop. Is there anything I can do to releave my pain besides advil, tylenol......... It hurts!!!!!...

 pain while sleeping that wakes me up every night?
Every night when I am sleeping I get woken up with severe pain in my lower back, hips, lower abdomen and right leg! These symptoms really get worse closer to my period? Help!!...

 Extremely Painful Leg Cramps?
Every once in a while I'll get these painful leg cramps, mainly in my left leg, when I'm waking up. They hurt, but I'm usually able to get over the pain.

But today when I ...

 I hurt my eye real bad?
Okay my sister hit me in the eye with a marshmello shooter like 2 hours ago and I still have shooting pain in my eye. Ive had a heated pack on my eye ever since then and I'm wonder how I can fix ...

 Why does my chest make cracking sounds?
It's right in the middle of my chestbone, and i'll get sharp pains, just like when you have to crack your back but can't. When i finally bend a certian way it will crack and it will ...

 Bad back pain. 13 years old. ?
I'm 13 years old. I've had lower back pain for about 4 month, maybe more. It's been constant, non stop. It hurts the most when i have to stand for over 20 minutes. It hurts a lot when ...

 whats wrong with me?
is it a few things do you think or 1 big thing. back pain ni left shoulder muscle, sharp shooting pains in stomach, feet sore, eyes itch constanly, tired all the time wether i get 6 to 10 hours of ...

 My 11 year old constantly complains of headache and upset stomach.?
I have taken her to every doctor I can think of. This is a daily occurrence and has been going on for about 8 years. I do not know what else to do!!! She also has constant aches in her legs, knees, ...

 What's yesterday if today was tomorrow?
What is yesterday...if today...is tomorrow?...

 I have this sharp pain?
in my bladder area, what could it be?...

 in extreme pain please help!!!!?
I'm a 31 year old mother of 3. This all started about 8 weeks ago. I have extreme pain in both of my shoulders, in the backs of my arms, shoulder blades, upper back, and sometimes my neck. Also ...

 what can i drink if i am pregnant and i am having heartburn?

 How do you avoid, stop or cure a migraine?
I suffer from migraines and nothing stops ...

Help! I can't stop slouching, is there any exercises that i could do to help my posture?
I play on the computer a lot and I tend to slouch, I always try to sit up straight but I always end up slouching again. Please help with any suggestions

Yoga or pilates.

Take a hanger, put it upside down inside your shirt on your back. The straight part should be across your shoulders and the hook that hangs down the middle of your back.

It might sound barbaric, but tying or taping a board to your back and shoulders is about the best way to deal with it. If you have a board tied to you, it is really hard to slouch. Either that or go see your doctor about it and see if they have a brace for you to wear.

just sit up.
whenever you notice yourself slouching, just lean back against your chair.
hope this helps. :)


theres a chair i have that really strengthens your back. theres one part that you put your knees on and the other part is for your butt.

Joe G
My doctor told me to stand up and balance a book on top of my head for 15 minutes a day

Concentrate on your core. Sit ups/Crunches...hanging knee raises..reverse woodchop w/ a medicine ball

It's good that you are aware of your slouching and correct it when you notice it. Thats half the battle. There are exercises to help build the strength in your upper back/shoulders called T's, I's, and Y's. They are so named because you will make the shape of the letter with your body. Lay on your bed face down, roll up a hand towel and put it under your forehead (this aligns the neck and keeps you from squashing your nose!). Bring your arms out to the side so you make the shape of a T. Raise and lower your arms 10 times. Next move your arms into a Y shape and raise and lower 10 times. Next move your arms straight forward (so they almost touch your ears) into an I shape and raise and lower 10, next bring them down to your side (palms up) also an I shape and raise and lower 10 times. Do 3 set of 10 each day.

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