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 Extreme PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![peeing]?
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Has anything physically hurt you in your dream and you woke up with pain in that same exact spot?
i HAD A dream last night that i got my lip peirced...
When th lip ring was in, it was sore like any other fresh peircing..

When my dream was over i woke up...

And my lip was sore ..? like where the pericing was in my dream..

It's sore now..

Has anything physically hurt you in your dream and you woke up with pain in that same exact spot?

WHy does this happen?

Does any1 know?

Ha-ha this is funny because sometimes this happens to me. When I was 4 I had a dream about a lollipop and when I woke up I had a huge lollipop under my pillow and I still can't figure out how. You may have been biting your lip in your sleep. Sometimes I dream about pain in a spot and really I'm probably moving or biting to make it happen. Your mind makes dreams usually of something your doing or something going on with the .T.V such as sounds and stuff. For example [if you listen to Katy Perry's waking up in vegas and you are sleeping your mind can take the sound and you may dream about being in Vegas or something.] Its weird how your mind can control so many things!

its kinda like when you have to go to the bathroom and you have a dream about going to the bathroom. So ie: you bite your lip or something so your mind creates a dream that fits the present state of your body.

Elevator Girl
i think it works the same as hearing things on a television but your dream interprets it as something else....it could have been a result of something hurting you OUTSIDE your dream but you dream turned it into you getting a piercing...

same thing happened to me...i had a dream i got shot in the shoulder...i woke up and that shoulder was killing me...later i found out my husband accidentally fell on my shoulder when he was coming to bed

but it's still freaky!

This is phantom pain. It's why men who had their leg amputated still feel the leg there, and sometimes it itches. It's also why people told that their given pain meds and are really given sugar pills, feel as if their on pain meds. It's all in your head.

Yep, I got bit in the side by a monster in my dream and woke up with a pain in that spot.

I think the pain comes first and we fit the pain into our dreams. You probably bit your lip in your sleep and had the dream about the lip piercing.

Lexi B
yeah i had a dream i fell out of a car and my leg was all broken and disfigured and i was in soooo much pain i was screaming and crying but no one would help me.............then i woke up and my leg was aching....it was weird!

Annika Montaigne
I did. I dreamed that i hurt my leg and when I woke up it was all bruised.
I think it's because you are getting the injury while you are asleep and your mind makes up a dream because you're asleep and not fully comprehending that you are being hurt.

Please Answer mine if you can

the pain isnt caused by the dream, its more like the dream is caused by the pain.

Sarah E
thats never happened to me except ive dreamed someone was poking me and i woke up and it was my cat biting me to wake me up

Guy Incognito
Yeah. Rape dreams are a *****.


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