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 Blood and tearing pain while passing.....?
I have been having this problem since I gave birth in November of last year.
Every time I pass a stool if feels like it tears and then there is always some blood. Its not a lot but it does cause ...

 Unbearable Eye Pain in my right eye?
Hi, yesterday when I woke up I had this really painful eye pain at the top of my right eye. Also last night I go about 1 hours sleep because it hurst soo much and it is still hurting now. Iv been ...

 Stomach Ache cure??????
mt tummy really hurts n i think its coz i ate too much liquorice.....wat do i do??? it really really hurts........

 Period pain??? IT HURTS SO BAD?
I dunno what to do cuz if hurts so bad, I taken tablets, had water bottle on it, It just kills, Im starting to go mental.... What can I do??? I'm in ...

 people with migraine headache?
Is it true that people with migraine headache changes their mood so suddenly? i have migraine headache and i notice that i change my mood so much!
one minute i am happy next i am very moody... ...

 if your eye twitches .....?
what is wrong with my eye if it keeps on twitching and there is no problem doctors can find,?
can it be because of stress or depression ?...

 in pain any help plese?
hey iv bin very sick this past year in hospital alot and got scans and the lot , iv a pain in my hip but this past week there bruses appering on my back and belly only lasting an hour if i touch my ...

 Could constipation cause vomiting?
My brother has suffered from a problem before where he was constipated and was sick due to the constipation, that was when he was 11. He is now 13 and feels that he is constipated as he has ...

 who wants to know about scoliosis?
hi , i have had scoliosis surgery 3 months ago! i really want to help people with scoliosis . so i have an email .......scoliosisspine@yahoo.com

if u have any questions or anything id ...

 Is it normal to like pain?
I'm not emo and I don't cut myself or anything...totally normal. But the thing is, I LOVE muscle pain and joint pain and I love it when I sprain my ankle and the pain that comes with it and ...

 Lower back pain complaint?
my boyfriend constatly has back pain, we think it could be from out mattress because it is very soft--comfortable and expensive, but too soft..if we sleep on the floor to change things up for the ...

 what kind of doctor should I see when I have a very bad leg cramp ?
I have a very bad leg cramp..I couldnt walk longer distance.even though I rest for hours,my legs still cramps real badly.....

 can someone tell me what is the way to use a b-day.does one sit down on it or straddle it and face the taps?
all in above question !...

 Can I refrill my meds?
I'm perscribed xanax, I got perscribed 180 a month with 3 refrills. the bottle just says " take 1 3 times daily" and has 3 refrills. would it be a problem if i used one of my refrills ...

 How do i remove back/neck fat/pain?
Its a swell/lump and hurts a lot,, like currently :(
i dont have bad posture so that cant be it,, i dont understand why there is so much pain

heres a visual of my back/neck


 I have Headache everyday?
Hi. I'm 14 years old,girl.
For the past 3 days I have been waking up with a bad headache.

It will last almost the whole day,with an hour or two with no pain.

I'm ...

 Why can some people bend their fingers back so far?
I can bend my fingers back quite a bit but my cousin can literally make it look like there are no bones in his fingers. He has been cracking his knuckles for about 4 years now as have I but only for ...

 why do i hear rumbling around my appendix area?
its been some days where i hear constant rumbling around my appendix area and sometimes it just stops... what could it be? does this lead to coldnes because this is the first time im feeling cold ...

 can an appendix burst at any moment?
I am terrified that my appendix might burst at any moment.
What can I do to prevent from happening?
I was watching an old Rocko's Modern Life episode, (the good'le Nickelodeon ...

 I suffer from tinnitus, is getting the nerves in my left ear completely severed a good idea?
I'm 20% deaf in my left ear, and suffer severely from tinnitus. It was induced from severe head trauma in an ATV accident that I had when I was 16, I am now 19, have had lidocaine perfusion ...

Feel dizzy when i wake up after sleeping well?
I've always had problems sleeping, but recently seem to have got a lot better, sleeping 8-9 hours a night. But, when i have slept well, my head feels all dizzy and "out of it", with a bit of a headache. Is this normal? What could be causing it?

Big Jebb
brain tumor

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