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 Horrible lower back pain, please help?
My lower back has been in excruciating pain for the past 2 1/2 days. I don't know what I could've done to hurt it. I work at a childcare center, picking up 3 year olds often, but the pain ...

 I am currently taking pain meds for back pain and want to get off them, but wat can I take to stop the pain?
I would like something non-...

 My leg hurts so bad!!! please help?
today i was just walking around school like normal and going to classes and everything and right as i got home i got out of the car and the back of my right leg hurt so badly. it hurts when i stretch ...

 I am a male 32 years old & I have a knee pain since 1 year. Due to this i have difficulty climbing the stairs?
The pain suddenly started. I showed to the doctor & she is saying that my weight is 7 kg. more than the ideal weight & that this extra weight is concentrated in my knee & causing pain. My ...

 Why does the pain of lifting weights feel SOOOO GOOOD?
This isn't the first time this has happened. I was lifting the other day, not super heavy, but very intense. At the end of the exercise (for biceps) it felt like my arms were on fire. The ...

 I have a sharp pain in the middle of my upper back that makes it hard to breathe?
The pain is in the middle of my shoulder blades and below my neck. It makes it hard to breathe, but after a couple minutes it goes away. Should I see my doctor? Thanks. The pain is actually below ...

 What if i started using antibiotics, and then stopped using it twice, and now pain is back, Use it again?
i started using (till the pain was gone), then stopped, then started using (till the pain was gone) again, then stopped again. Now pain is back should i continue using antibiotics?...

 i woke up at 430 am feeling horrible.?
My head hurt when i lifted it from my pillow, my eyes ache, and my throats sore/ i cant clear it. So ive been trying to cough it up. I dont know whats wrong but im 14 and i kinda dont want to wake my ...

 Acid stomach upset please help!!?
my friend drank too much lemon squash, and the acid has made her stomach upset, it hurts a lot, and she can't stand straight, any home remedies please? thankyou very much!...

 How do you deal with chronic pain?
I'm only 20 years old. I have an undiagnosed immune disease that we're trying to figure out and get treatment for, but it's been 5 years. Meanwhile I can't go to college due to ...

 what to do now about my back and thigh pain?
last monday i had an x-ray done on my back and leg to see if there was anything broken as i had been experiencing some pain in my lower back and left thigh. The x-ray showed up nothing and my parents ...

 I took 35 200mg of ibuprofen,should i call 911? Did i overdose?
cant call; cant call i have to ...

 i don't know whats wrong with me. do you know?
i got a migraine, my tummy is hurting really bad, im getting dizzy, feel like im going to pass out and throw up. this started monday. its been 5 days now. its getting worse. i have taken tons of ...

 what is the most painful thing someone can go through?

 Does walking everyday help with back pain?
Ok, maybe this is in my head, but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this. I have 2 herniated discs in my lower back that has bugged me for about 8 months now. I have ...

 Left side of throat is sore? Infection?
Okay, so I've been sick on and off for at least a month. I started with a nasty cold that seemed to go away slowly... but continued as a sore throat. It wasn't always the same kind of pain, ...


 How do I remedy sore legs?
Last month I bruised my knee and couldn't skateboard for about a month. So I just started actually skateboarding again last Friday. It was really fun but when I was done my legs got really sore, ...

 Severe pain in head and nose bleed?
Yesterday i was say at home and all of a sudden i had a severe sharp pain in my head and a nose bleed. It lasted for around 5Min's and then eased off. Me eye has been twitching Alto too and down ...

 I think I have carpal tunnel? How do I stop it from getting worse?
I'm a 22 year old male living in pittsburgh, I cook in a popular restaurant, for a few weeks now I have been waking up in the middle of the night because my hand and fingers are numb and in pain,...

Everytime i blink i feel discomfort i my right eye,what is it?
Ok so i was playing baseball 3 days ago and we all huddled after the win and some kid elboed me accidently since then it started to hurt but eventually stoped but this discomfort stayed there when ever i blink, i tried resting it or washing my eye many time but nothing what can it be and how can i fix it?

See your health care provider as soon as possible (Ophthalmologist). The other class of preparations makes no claim of special soothing effects and contains no decongestants. Their purpose is to lubricate the eye, to be "artificial tears." These are chemical solutions similar to those of the body, so that no irritation occurs. Ophthalmologist prefer such preparations for minor eye irritation. Murine Lubricating Eyedrops is one example. If you have a constant problem with your eye, in one week, see a doctor. And good luck.

Um it depends on how long its been hurting. it could have just caused an irritation to ur eye when it was elbowed and took it longer to heal. i have had similar pains in my eye before when it got irritated by stuff. usually it just went away by itself. try putting some ice on it. avoid wearing contacts if u have them.. but make sure u wear glasses if u have bad vision. it could cause even more discomfort if u can't see very well at the same time. hope this helps!! :)

I think you need to go to the eye doctor's. Not a doctor that's why we have people in that field they are better at what they do. You could have broken blood vessels in you eye lid.

Sounds like your eye is bruised. I would suggest if it is not better in the next few days, making an appointment with you doctor.

It might be a sty(like a sore in you eye from staying up late,a lot)

something in your eye it could just be irritated quit rubbing it

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