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Does caffeine make a headache worse? ?
I have a splitting head-ache, I literally feel like my head is going to explode out of my ears.

This sounds completely idiotic, but does caffeine make a headache worse or better? I'm pretty sure it does something, so should I go make myself a cup of tea or not?

Ha, I sound like a complete idiot. Sorry. :/

Thanks so much.


It won't help, try warm fruit juice or Ribena instead. This will give you vitamin C which is far better.

Princess Paradox
It's not a silly question at all, everybody's different. Most people find that caffeine makes their head ache worse but I find that a cup of coffee usually makes mine feel better

no it justs jacks u and makes u have a caffeine rush

It's not stupid question! A lot of people have a headache.
coffee or tea can help but it's depends on why do you have a headache.

try eat chocolate ... wont help. take an aspirin and take a short nap.

take care sweetie:)

Summer D
If you are used to drinking caffeinated drinks and stop this can cause a severe headache; the withdrawl from caffeine.

If you just have a headache, I find a cup of tea does help relax me and is soothing. Then, if you can, lie down in a quiet, darkened room for 10 or 15 mins. with your eyes closed.

You can also try applying pressure by sqeezing the fatty, meaty section of your hand between your thumb and first finger (in that spot that makes a "v") and rubbing there.

Caffeine can make a headache better. Some pain relievers have caffeine in them, like Anacin.

lonely and sad
Whenever I get a headache, a cold coca-cola (coke) helps some. I usually take my aleeve/tylenol or whatever I have on hand with coke (not sure if this is safe or not, so I am NOT advising it), but, I am addicted to coke, so it could be that "I think caffeine helps". I do know in some over-the-counter migraine medications, it does have a warning that it does include caffeine. I don't drink coffee, so my coke is like my coffee. My sister massages somewhere on her hand near her thumb to help relieve her headaches.
I hope you feel better soon. Have you ever tried a migraine medication? Either over-the-counter or prescription. If you get these often talk to your doctor about topamax.

Sorry you are in pain.

Caffeine dehydrates you and, as dehydration causes headaches, it tends to make it worse.

Drink a couple of glasses of water and that should help.

Gary K
Well, it will, as a short-term effect, but once it wears off, the headache will probably be worse!

Snakeman !
Hiya Honey !

Personally a hot coffee usually eases my head-ache - but people are different ! Caffeine is actually a stimulant - so maybe it tricks the brain into making more pain relief ?

Have a cuppa anyway - I've just made a fresh one !

You're not daft ! Merry Xmas !

Omar C
Hey Sarah,
That is a good question, caffeine actually de-hydrates you. This means HEADACHE time, not only for this but also because it is a stimulant (you know, when you wake up and have a cup of coffe to "wake up").
Well, this can cause head aches easily, so dont drink too much.

Occam&#39;s Razor
Caffeine is (sometimes) known to make headaches better because it constricts blood vessels.

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