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 Has anything physically hurt you in your dream and you woke up with pain in that same exact spot?
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When th lip ring was in, it was sore like any other fresh peircing..

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And my lip ...

Does an iv needle hurt alot or a little?????????????
ok so on monday i am gonna go to an oral suregon to get 4 teeth removed and one uprighted and i am getting knocked out for the procedure. How much does the iv hurt and is the iv worse or the pain after the drugs wear off? Thanks :)

Ms. KiMoRa
it doesn't hurt. they usually use a small baby needle. well they did for me because my veins are sooo small..

▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ ►Maddy◄ ▐▄▄▲▄▄▌
my sis got it and she still complains about it.

It's kind of like when you get your ears pierced. And if your a guy, it hurts for a minute or so, and then it fades away :)

I had some oral surgery done, Your knocked out and next thing your done at least for me there wasn't much pain after

i just got my 4 teeth pulled last week and the iv dosen't hurt that much at all just don't bend ur arm...after you get done your arm wont hurt at all.

Mikayla Nichole
It should hurt a lot at first...if it doesn't make you cry or scream...then something could be seriously wrong...

not a lot at all. Dont worry, I've had those stuck in me so many times. the only painful part is not knowing what to expect if youre new to it. It doesnt hurt

Just a quick sting when they insert the needle. Mine was in my hand. Afterwords, just sore like a bruise. The bark is worse than the bite.

i had four teeth out as well!
they put this freezee stuff on my arm beforehand though and when they stuck the needle in it just pinched a little, after the drugs wear off, nothing really hurts, just DO NOT drink out of straws.

it's not bad. i've had so many ivs in my life cuz i was really sick and i had to be hospitalized like every week. there's a slight pivh when they put the needle in ur arm but then they tape it there and they hook it up to the iv there is no pain don't worry :)

it depends on how good you are with pain when i got the iv needle it didn't hurt much at all but it may be a little different for you and the pain is pretty bad after the drugs wear off so i think sleep is the cure for that!

it varies on person to person, i had something done in my mouth to and the put in some novacaine and didnt feel a thing until an hour later were i wanted to kill my doctor. but usually i doesn't hurt cuase your knocked out right away or the novacaine starts really fast.

That's what she said.
I had a needle stuck in my knee.
Don't get me started.
Ugh, it hurt.

IT feels worse than a bee sting.
It'll be fun though.
They will do it on your left > or right arm in the middle where the arm connects to the bone. Part than up to shoulder.

Good luck, but you'll be fine.
Than 10 secounds later you feel drunk and fall asleep.
Than you wake up all high.

when i had my wisdom teeth out, they put me to sleep too, but i was so worked up and nervous that i can't even remember the needle going into me, so it couldnt have been that bad. afterwards, i went home and slept. and, good lord, when i woke up i felt HORRIBLE, my mouth was in so much pain.
so: pain after drugs wear off is worse than the iv.
dont worry about the iv :) worry about gettin all those pain reliever meds ready!

I had an IV when I got my wisdoms pulled, and before I got the IV in they gave me laughing gas. to be honest, it really doesnt hurt that badly if you just take deep breaths and dont look and just focus on something else. its over really quickly and once its in you wont feel it at all. the pain after the drugs wear off is worse, but theyll probably give you a painkiller or something (:

Most of the time the nurse/dental assistant has put in I.V's so many times you don't even feel it. If you are really nervous going into the surgery ask the doctor for a pre sedative. Also having teeth removed does hurt after the fact, but before they initially put you under, ask the dentist if he will be willing to prescribed pain meds in the event you do have pain. The main thing is rest after the teeth are removed and do not try to eat solid foods to quickly, and don't drink extremely hot or cold drinks for a day or so. After you first remove the gauze when you get home, if you get any bleeding of the mouth, take a regular tea bag(s) and dip it in water, squeeze out the extra water and place it on any places in your mouth that are bleeding.
The bottom line is make sure before you are put under that you get clear instructions on what to do once you get home. And obviously make arrangements for someone else to drive you to and from the dentist,don't try taking a bus or anything like that. Good Luck and It really isn't that bad except prehaps the first 24 hrs after they are removed.

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