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 my doctor is not treating me fairly?
what do i do. i have migraine headaches and need intermitent time off from work. my doctor says the company doctor is bugging him and told the company doctor i will be perfect in 6 weeks. I have a ...

 What's it called when your knees crack everytine you squat?
Everytime i squat both of my knees crack? What could that be from and they have always been like that or for at least 5-6 years that i know of but i never payed it any attention. Thanks for all ...

 If someobody is terminally ill do the doctors have the ability to ensure that the patient ....?
... does not die in pain?

I asked my Doc and he gave me an inconclusive answer and I'll ask him again when I see him in three months

I just want to know if pain relief is ...

 how do you deal with some depression from constant pain in your life?
Have Thorasic Outlet Syndrome, degenerative lumber disease, 2 knee replacements...(mostly back pain tho) Ultraset not working as well anymore...dont want to keep myself drugged up...but cannot ...

 What should i do?
Since i've been little av suffered from tonsilis. Last year i had it more than 6 times but the docter said that they only remove the tonsils if its really bad... And now i have it for the 1st ...

 I get a ache in my wrist while writing or typing that makes my fingers go numb i have to shake my wrist to mak

 Dull and Achy Chest Pain?
I'm only 20, but I don't have the best diet. What could this be? It's infrequent and on both sides of my chest....

 What can I do to make my teeth stop hurting? I have so much pain every were in my mouth I just can't take it.!?
I just went to the ortho and they did work but all they did is put my first wire on and 4 spacers and now all i can feel is PAIN.! People please tell me what I can do or use to make it stop.!...

 How can I contact someone who may benefit from my answer, after the question has closed?
The asker (heatherc...) does not allow e-mail or IM. I want to offer another (possibly better?) answer to her question, so how can I contact her?...

 I've had a constant headache for 2 days what could this mean?

 HORRIBLE pains!?
i get this SO much:
its like a pain in my rib cage. usually on the right side but sometimes on the left.
it feels like a bone is poking at the softest spot.
or like someones stabbing ...

 What is the best way to treat sore muscles?
I got a sore arm from vollyball....

 I think I took too much OxyContin, what should I do?
I feel really messed up. I took way too many of these things. What should I do? I feel sick....

 Why cant i wake up in the morning?
Im only 16 and have serious problems getting up in the morning...the general time i wake up in around 11am and im really trying to stop that. I wanna wake up around 8-9am but the problem is when i ...

 Help Swallowing Pills?
Okay I know its dumb but I can't swallow this long giant pill!
Any tips on how to do it??????...

 help me i think im sick, my skin aches soooo bad i cant even lay down or have a blanket on me. please! ='[?
it hurts so back it hurts to lay down it hurts to stand up it hurts to type. omg i was crying a few minutes ago it hurt so bad!! please i took tylenol and advil and NOTHING HELPS!! omg i cant take it ...

 Is the Vicodin my Doc prescribed weak?
It's 500/ 5. If that means anything. And if has the digits #349 on them. What does this translate too?...

 Im so bored in school, i feel like killing myself, any ideas?
I thought about :
1. getting a pen, and shoving it up my nose.
2. putting markers in both my nostrils and taping my mouth.
3. getting a papercut in my neck so i can bleed to death.

 Best way to lose the crick in my neck?
I guess last night I must have slept in a wrong position, because now I cant turn my head to the left w/o crying out in pain becuause of a sore neck muscle.Whats the best way to ease the pain?...

 Why do my muscles ache?
The muscles in the right side of my neck down to my right shoulder then to my right arm all ache.
It hurts the most when I'm standing and my arm is down by my side.
I don't do ...

Do icy hot patches work for relieving lower back pain?

Yes i use them all the time for this reason

I had to take the patch off my back because it was searing a hole in my skin.
I don't know how much your skin can take but mine left a big red mark.
I've stuck to heating pads since.

I prolly doubt it.

Depends on the cause of the pain.

For muscular issues, they should give you relief.

If pain continues for more than 3 days, see a doctor.


well, sometimes they work. depends on how u use them. & where;s the pain

Try to take a bath with a really cold water. Stretching will help also, but too much will strain the muscles more.

Depends on the back problem. It should help a little bit.

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