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 24 hours left???????
what would you do, who would you go to see, if you knew you was gonna die in 24 hours?...

 What's going on?!?!?!?
I have a really bad pain that is on my right side almost around my stomach and on my back below my ribs (still on the right side)
It hurts to breath, and I can't sit straight, as I type I ...

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Last week I had a scorching headache most of the day, and when I went to lay down on the couch ...

 Is this trapped Nerve? And any way to stop it?
When I sit down on a chair, if I sit in a certain way or the chair puts pressure on my leg, I will get a sharp quick pain run through my left thigh (nearer my knee, than my hip)...It hurts Quite ALOT ...

 My mom fell and won't go to doctor?
She fell about 2 days ago, she was alone and walking home from the store. She slipped on some ice and fell and landed on her right arm and she doesn't want to go to a doctor. She had heart ...

 how to help someone with a migraine?
hey, my brother has a BAD migraine. He is very pale, and sweaty. He is nauseated, and his head is pounding. He took 2 extra strength pain killers, and 2 gravol. He's lying down in the dark. Is ...

 What is This Painful Dry Spot in the Back of My Mouth?
I have this thing more on the left side of my mouth that I cannot feel when I try to find it. It hurts when I drink or swallow, and when that happens, it also hurts my left ear. When I leave it alone,...

 ive been getting this pain when i take a deep breathe?
the pain is under my rip cage on the right but it only happens once in awhile though.

i have had an xray done and there was nothing there so yeah......

 Can I die from a migraine?
Okay so this isn't for me but my boyfriend has been having migraines like crazy for about 3 or 4 days now and they are really worrying me! he's never had them before and he's been to ...

 Extreme lower back pain?
I'm a 21 year old male. I'm a firefighter and today during a training I got a little full of myself and stated to run with about 165lbs on my back. After about 12 steps I felt an ...

 What foods/drinks can help/stop heartburn pains?

 I feel like im about to throw up , my head hurts , im congested and my throat hurts. What should I do?
This has been going on for a couple days now , but the throwing up feeling started today. What should I do for home remedies?...

 I started running and I feel pain..?
I feel pain next to my shin bone, to the left. The pain is when I move my foot upwards. And also my left calf hurts.

I started running like a week ago but I been lifting weights for 3 ...

 Why are my feet ALWAYS so cold?!?
I am 15 and normally i barely get cold. Just this winter ive been realizing that my body has been cold because my feet are so cold. Lately my feet have become ice cold at ALL times. Sometimes they ...

 Help! Theres something wrong with my ear!?!?
Hmm...how do i put this, um you kno how u get stuffy nose, well lets say i have stuffy ears? It feels blocked but its only on my right ear and i can barely hear! And sometimes when i hiccup it hurts. ...

 i hurt my hip playing soccer last sunday(23rd) and i still cant walk properly should i get it checked out ?
i took a free kick for my team last sunday, i kicked the ball and then my hip clicked, and i put my foot down and couldnt pt any weight on it at all. Should i get it checked out?...

 When i run, i get pain in right side of my abdominal area. What to do?
But when i do brisk walk, i dont get it. Its only when i jog or run, i get it....

 How can I get my mom to take me to the doctor? Easy 10 points!?
Okay so 2 nights ago my wrist started hurting really bad and I don't recall doing anything to it so I went to bed thinking it would be better when I wake up the next morning. The next morning it ...

 If a Chiropractor adjusts your neck and back but you don't hear a popping did he still get it?
Because even when mine adjust me and I don't hear anything he says "perfect" like he did.
He is an excellent doctor I just was ...

 Why do I always have a sore shoulder all the time?

Crunching sound/pain in knees?
I have a crunching sound in my knees that I can both feel and hear(!) when I slowly lift my legs. I also have knee pain that is getting worse as times goes on, I've had it for maybe a couple years but in the past 6 months to year it has gotten much worse. Now it is to the point that my knees bother me, not every day but maybe every other day. A dull, aching pain most of the time, but when getting up and down more of a sharp pain. Going up stairs=bad. Squatting or kneeling=forget it. I have no insurance, and am not one to really complain or even pay that much attention to my aches and pains but this is clearly getting worse. I'm in my 30s and am somewhat overweight, not a runner or anything, have had no injury. My research online tells me I may have osteoarthritis. My question is, is there any reason for me to see a doctor? I mean, obviously it would seem like a good idea but to pay out of pocket for the doctor, then specialist, then testing--I don't have it so really what's the point? I guess I'm asking does it sound like that's what is wrong and what can they really do if so other than give me some naproxen and tell me to lose weight? I just don't wanna end up having to have surgery in a few years but I don't know what to do exactly. Just wanting to hear some other's experiences or ideas if you have any. Thanks.

Interesting. Now my mom had similar problems years ago, but then got surgery to fix the problem. Now this may or may not be your problem, but what she had was some sort of bone fragments or something like that under her knee-cap. If you have had your leg lock up at the knee in any way before, this may be the case. Now i understand the situation of not having insurance, and not wanting to pay outta pocket for something that is not a for-sure solution. If it continues, or gets worse, I would say you unfortunetly would have to go see a doctor of some sort. If it gets better anytime soon, it may just have been a pulled muscle or disturbed tendon. I however am not a doctor, I just have helped other's with similar problems.


Have had three knee operations similar to your situation. In my cases, I've had to have surgery every time because I've always waited until I tore the cartilege, etc. If I had it to do over, I would've done specific exercises to strengthen the ligaments and tendons in my knees to prevent the injuries I suffered. Isolating these areas will prevent the need for surgery later. Always know your limitations, especially if you're over weight. Being over weight was a big factor in the injuries/surgeries I had to undergo. Maintain a proper weight and specifically address your knee problems.

Jennifer W
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