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Cortisone Injections for Arthritic Knee Pain?
My partner suffers chronic pain with this condition, and having been offered surgery has been advised it is not always successful. He then asked his G.P about the possibility of Cotisone and was informed this wasn't possible as no fluid existed on the knee.

I've since discovered through the Net that it IS possibe to have this treatment, and that considerable relief can be obtained for lengthy periods of time. (i,e 6 months).

Can anyone shed any more light on this please as we now consider it might be worth getting a second opinion. (incidentally oral medication and heat treatment has been used but with minimal effect). I would be grateful for any info on this. Thanks.

the injections can also add to the pain and burn in many cases and are very toxic

walter k
Been here done this. I take 5oo mg of glucosamine, 400 mg chondroitin 3 times daily. After 7 days the pain is significantly reduced.

Cortisone shots can be very effective - if they work. I think most of the time they do. However, if it doesn't work, it is pretty permanent, and have awful side effects. My aunt had that shot in her foot, because her foot was hurting. It didn't work. Now her foot is worse and she cant really wear shoes anymore - she wears sandals. She said that if she knew if it was going to turn out like that, she would have rather lived with the pain before the shot.

Yes he can have a steroid injection into his knee, and are effective, but the effect is largely temporary, ie weeks rather than months.
It doesn't change the amount of arthritis within the knee joint capsule, so pain will eventually recur. Just because there is no swelling/fluid around the knee doesn't mean he can't have it. All the swelling is is fluid escaping from the joint capsule or building up within.

Get it done.

If its medial joint compartment he might benefit from a knee brace also, which can "open " up the knee joint and reduce compression of the 2 bones which are grinding.

For long term relief, Glucosamine with chondritin and periosteal acupuncture.

i have had cortisone injections in my knee. its is very painful for 24 hrs after i had it i couldn't move my leg i didn't sleep because The pain was so bad. it did work but on The 4th injection. i have said i will never have it again. it hurts when the doctors do it as they put it into the bone and it doesn't always work. sometimes if it does it may only be for a week or so. i have also had it in my shoulder but it didn't work. now i just keep taking the tablets. no they dint work as well as they did. time for a bigger dose i think. arthritis in legs knees hands back

ahsan a
It is a serious problem & requires 2 b investigated by an orthopaedic surgeon specialising in knee surgery. At his hands, the surgery will b successful that is, if it is required at all.
Cortisone injections into the joints r recommended from case 2 case basis & not 4 every chronic pain in knee. It is a simple technique & may relieve pain for 3-6 months.

Specialists do inject the nerve in the knees with a nerve block if it is as effective as a spinal nerve block, which I have had, it should help to relieve some of the pain for possibly up to a year. When I had my last nerve block half of the people in for an injection had there knee injected, so it must be effective. A steroid or the newer Botox injection which can helps relieve arthritis in the knee may well negate the need for surgery.
Has your partner tried a combined drug treatment or using an epilepsy drug like Gabapentin which can help with nerve pain.
Get a second opinion and push for a knee injection first and see if there is much improvement.
One of my mates had operations on both knee caps, he was nearly crippled before the ops, within six months he was walking fine without any problems. I haven't heard of any complications with modern knee surgery, recovery time can be very quick, about a month.
If pain rather than arthritis is the main problem a hospital pain clinic can prescribe much stronger drugs than a GP, especially long acting capsules or 7 day patches like Butrans for constant pain relief.
best wishes

My Gran has had cortizone injections in her frozen shoulder and damaged toe. She said the injection hurt like hell (and she has the highest pain threshold in anyone I know!), and with the toe injection she walked in to have the injection and had to be taken back to the car in a wheelchair as she simply couldn't walk - and wasn't able to walk properly for a few days.

Once the pain of the injection wore off, she was fine but has since decided not to have anymore done as it kind of gave her that 'false wellness' feeling, i.e. she wasn't in pain so was over working herself.

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