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 I have been having a sharp pain in my right side ?
i have been having this pain on and off for a while. I went to the E.R. last time and they could not find anything with a X-ray they said they think it was constapation.So this time I have used 2 ...

 Heel pain?
Ok, I have like this burning feeling in like the part right before my heel on my foot. My parents think it had something to do with the shoes I had to wear for a full day for show choir, but I am ...

 Any advice on beating 'cabin fever' and finding motivation?
I am in my fourth month of incapacitation due to a serious foot injury. I got married in March and up until then had plenty to keep me busy but now that's done and dusted there is a massive void ...

 Im worried about my missed dose of Vicodin.?
i missed a dose of my Vicodin today and i noticed that i got really aggitated and irritable, im really sweaty, headache, and im itchy... im just wondering if it has anything to do with the fact i ...

 What could be the reason for pain during folding of one of the knees?
The other knee has no problem in fully flexing . There is no break of born or injury. X- Ray is clear....

 Hot stones on pressure points?
I have a back injury (non-work related, 2 herniated 4 & 5L discs) and I've been putting some hot stones on my lower back to relieve the pain. But are there certain pressure points to put the ...

 every time i have a deep cough my right hand shoots with a deep pain. What Causes This?
the pain quickly goes ...

 Palindromic Rheumatism? Does anyone else here have it?
How long do YOUR flares usually last, and what (if anything) have you found that works for pain relief? Anything obtainable over the counter? Thanks for the links, but I've already read a ton of ...

 my knee is killing me...HELP?
ok all of the sudden ( i dont remember doing anything to strain it at all) my knee hurts the surrounding area of my kneecap. and it also hurts behind my knee on the back of my leg. whenevr i excerise ...

 Looking for a list of vendors that sell PCA and epidural pumps.?
Anyone know where I can find a Iist of vendors that sell PCA and epidural pumps? I have found Braun, Baxter, Cardinal/Alaris, and Hospira just by looking on the web. But I'm sure there have to ...

 Joint Pain?!?!?
Would someone please explain to me why my hip and knee hurt sometimes?? People tell me its growing pains, but I dont know what it is, and it HURTS!!!! any answers?! I am 15 years old and on the ...

 what's the best way to alleviate neck muscle strain?
I strained it in wrestling, and now it hurts everytime I move it. Usually I just wait it out, but I have a competition coming up and I want this to heal....

 I have multilevel degenaritive disc disease,bi-polar,emphesema,and --can someone help me I have no insurance?
I have been denied medicaid-in the process of ssi--I have 5 herniated disc, bi-polar-copd and emphysema-no insurance--I need meds=...

 What's pain?
I have never felt pain in my life! Seriously..ever since i was little i have fallen down off my bike, i got beat up in elementary, fell off my roof and to this day..i have never felt pain at all! D...

 how to stop neck pain?

 pain in left lower abdomen.its more when i walk,jump,change position on chair. why is this..?

 why does my arms ache after i played volleyball?
is it because of the ball?...

 trigger point injections???
i heard a lot about trigger point injections. so i told my doctor about it and she listed a whole bunch off side effects including pshycosis, she has tried to talk me out of it for 8 months but the ...

 i have a spur on my foot (apparently), how can i get rid of it without surgery?
im 48, bout 16stone 7lbs, (mostly muscle) [231lbs] i heard of books etc if you wont tell me answer could you suggest best book ...

 what kind of headache is this?
the pain is quite bad but i also feel sick (although iv never actually been sick) and going on the computer/ tv makes my eyes hurt more. in fact they normally start when im on the computer for a long ...

Can you take Ultram (tramadol) and xanax at the same time?
Can you take Ultram (tramadol) and xanax at the same time?

mark f
Tramadol is an opiate and xanax is a benzodiazepine. Benzodiazepines and opiates are well known for increasing the toxicity of the otehr especially respiratory depression. I would be cautious and speak to your doctor. Also if you have been using xanax a long time you can't just stop it as that in itself can be dangerous as you can get the withdrawals from hell like severe anxiety, psychosis and seizures etc. See this page http://www.benzo.org.uk/manual/

what does it say on the prescription info sheet you were given with each medication...they give sheets like this for this reason....you could always call the pharmacy where you filled these and ask the pharmacist

you know what i say if the same doctor gave you both meds to take then he knew what he was doing

I take ultram without the tylenol, and was told that i can take ibuprofren with it. If you are taking the ultram with the tylenol in it then I would contact a pharmacy and ask them. I am not sure what is in xanax.

This should clear up the question. http://www.drugs.com/ultram.html

Don't ask here - ask your doctor, and your pharmacist both. Here, you may get anyone claiming to be an expert, and you have no way to know if they're telling the truth, or lieing to you. You might as well ask your plumber for advice about doing your hair.

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