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 can i fly with a anal abscess thats not painful anymore?
ive been on anti bios for almost 3weeks and the pain is gone and some of the size, but theres still a lump and im flying to america in 2wks and im quite worried what might happen get see my dr till ...

 Everytime i tense up my muscles they start to have spasms. Does anyone know why?
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 unexplained pain in lower left pelvic area?
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 how can i deep throat?
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 does ear piercing hurt?
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 why are my babys bones always making a clicking noise, especially his shoulders.?
is this normal? he's 11 ...

 Having bad pain above my right hip?
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 hi i played alot of tennis over the weekend and started to get pain in my arm now hen i paly what could it be?

 what dose general and regional anesthesia feel like?
im having one or the other so i was just wandering as much detail as possible ...

 Back problem. Any help?
A few years back, I tripped and fell on some stairs, forcing me to attend an NHS walk-in centre. I can't remember what the nurse diagnosed or what I did to cure it but it hadn't troubled me ...

 after a brain hemorrage and a severe stroke?
he only say's yes but the last couple of days he say's ears nose nurse and get away nurse hasn't said that much for 2 years any idea?...

 Ibuprofen and paracetamol?
I am taking 400mg of Ibuprofen 3 times a day for toothache and was told by my pharmacist that i could also take paracetamol, but she didn't say how many. So would it be ok to take 2 x 500mg up ...

 what could be causing the pain in my shins?
when i walk quickly (like power walk speed) i get sharp pains down the front of my shins. don't get it at any other times & sometimes its so bad its hard to keep walking even at a slow ...

 What can help recovery from severe sciatica, has anyone any experience or advice?
I have been diagnosed with severe sciatica and told it will take several months to recover. I have prescription painkillers to cope with the agonising pain and been referred to a specialist but that ...

 how do i get rid of a headache without taking pills?
i have a splitting headache right now, and i want it to go away. i cant take pills as they just make me throw ...

 i get cramp in my hamstring on my left leg is there a technique to stop thisv ?
i play fusball alot and i kik with my left leg the one that gets cramp so i dont know if certain foods or anything might help it ?...

 Why do I get a pain in my heart area sometimes im only 20!?
I often feel a pain around my heart area I doubt Im having heart problems at my age (im slim) so what is it?...

 i woke up in the morning and my left eye started to hurt when i woke up i was blinking and was hurting on top?

 heartburn, swollen gums and unexplained bruising?
Recently discovered unexplained bruising, severe heartburn and swollen gums :( any advice as to what this could be and what i need to do thanks in advance :)...

 Physiotherapy NHS .?
Does the NHS cover physiotherapy sessions? Does it matter that the back pain condition existed prior to moving to the UK?...

Can you get rid of sciatica?
I've had it in my right leg for years since having my 2nd baby. Is there anything I can do to get rid of it?I went swimming the other day and it seems worse since then. Thanks

So sorry you are suffering. I don't know what to advise as I have not suffered from it. I think rest is better than exercise though. Also heat on it. Do hope you feel better soon.

kid on the block
Physiotherapy may help. Your doctor could also check out your spine to see if a disc is pressing on the nerve. If it is then there are procedures which can help. Were you swimming breaststroke, the hip rotation you need could have 'tweaked' something at the base of your spine. I would tend to favour freestyle or backcrawl if I had back problems and wanted to swim. My dad had it badly, had some sort of injection at the local hospital and some physio then had much less trouble for the rest of his life.

a friend of mine has this quite severe after a car crash and she tried everything,she had accupuncture and its gone completely,she had 6 sessions

Lisa H
A good massage therapist can help. You need to find one that is familiar with balance work. The sciatic nerve sits in a little dip in your hip joint. It can slip out sometimes and cause pain. A godd therapist or chiropractor can put it back in quickly and painlessly. When I was pregnant mine was bad. I am a massage therapist but couldn't put it in myself, the chiropractor helped alot.

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