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 The left side of my body is feeling really tight lately, what does this mean?
Ok I think this all started when I went bowling with my sisters...2 years ago! At first (2 years ago) it was a sharp pain but it went down to this dull pain that is just uncomfortable…always on my ...

 Is codeine 300/30mg good for a migrane.?
I have some left over from last year, will it help my migrane.?
Also how much should i take.? I dont want to get an OD...

 Bad cold, fever, tooth ache, my face hurts?
I've had a really bad cold for a week now, last week I had a fever for two days, I always have a headache, my tooth aches when I jump or move my face quickly (I brush my teeth well, it isn'...

 It feels like i have a big lump in the back of my neck?
Its to the left of my neck bone. I noticed it when I layed down on the couch with my baby, I thought I was laying on my cell phone. Any idea what this could be. I can provide additional details if ...

 If a person damaged his spinal cord in the neck, would he be able to move his legs?
It's a science question....

 Left arm hurts don't know why!?
My left arm has been hurting and tingling since last night. I haven't done any activity that required heavy lifting it just came out of nowhere. What could this be???!!!!!! I'm also 19 ...

 have pain in my upper back for 3 years went to docs said its like pulled mucle and just keep giving me tabs?
i have pain in my upper back for the past 3 years it came on after having my second child any1 wat this could be ...

 Ever time he kicks i feel a bad pain in my back and sometimes in my lower tummy is this regular?
I am 31 weeks prego and I have been worrying a lot but this is the wrost, everytime I feel him kick I get really bad pains threwout my back and lower back, I'm not sure if this is regular or not ...

 why when I sit for more than 20 min I can't move my leg or feel it ?
sometime I got stuck in some place for 15 min trying to feel my leg and Toes because If I walked maybe I will break my log

I don't know what is this called and sorry for my bad ...

 Is pain in the right side while jogging normal after gallbladder removal?
I had my gallbladder removed about 10 months ago. Everything is pretty much back to normal, and in fact, I healed rather quickly. I'm love to work out and run...always have. I started working ...

 what does "tingling" pain indicate?
Pain in is the upper spinal cord when pressed and the "tingling" pain is in the shoulder radiating from the ...

 how to be reduce my sleeping time?
i sleep ...

 rib cage pain..please help...?
Its kinda long sorry but i have to explain. and yes i kno i need to make an appt w/the dr. just wanted to see if anyone is in the similar position as i am. So about 2 1/2 yrs ago i got gallbladder ...

 Pain under right ribs on back?
What can cause pain under my right ribs on my back?...

 My jaw keeps locking/cracking?
Hey all,

I woke up one morning only to find that my mouth locked on my right side and I couldn't open it all the way. If i tried it would hurt a bit but then it would finally release ...

 My wrist has hurt for couple months now...?
My left wrist has been sore now for about two months. I have no clue what this is from. I am right handed and I type just fine on a computer. Its mostly sore when I put pressure on it to get up or ...

 I'm having back pain and I am not sure why?
My back always feels tense . When ever i try to stretch it out . I feel like my whole neck is on fire .
I have been working out 3 time a week nothing hard. It is almost impossible to even pop my ...

 what is the best medicine/injection for restoring joint function and relief pain of KNEE osteoarthritis?
i had an operation last year for meniscus repair and now i have new kind of pain in the knee.
doctors have 2 opinions: 1) lubricating the knee by using injections (Suplasin injections)
2) ...

my right calf aread feels all tight like a charlie horse almost and has this really bad burning sensation around where its all tight and squeezing feeeling
i have back pain as well
im ...

 ringing in my ears? please help?
since new years my ears feel slightly plugged, and I can hear an odd ringing when everything is quiet or when I'm trying to sleep. is there any medical reason my ears feel this way and also ...

Can oxycodone/apap 5-325 get you high? If so how many?

Does 5-325 oxycodone/apap get you high?
If so how many pills would you take to get high?
And what is this drug used for, for medical purposes?

i mostly just want to know how many pills do you have to take in order to get you high, if it even can get you high?

Kathryn White
It can get people high, it depends on who the person is, what types of medications they have taken before and whether or not they react easily to them.

Some people get high off of one. I would need five or six because I have a tolerance.

The apap (acetaminophen) is dangerous an can kill your liver.

The purpose of this medication is to treat people for temporary serious pain.

Yes, it's one of the most commonly abused opiates. a non opiate user/ first timer could feel good of of just one 5 mg pill. 2 would definately get the job done.

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