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 can anyone tell me what might be wrong?
this is the 3rd time this has happened but very bad this time i wake up and my thumb is so sore i can move it side to side but i can not bend it in toward my hand feels very tight and pain is almost ...

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 why do doctors flick neddles before they inject you with them?

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wuts wrong?...

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how can i stop it?? help?...

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 I'm crying I don't know why, is it because of period?
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 I have been feeling numbness in my toes and pain in my feet when I wake up in the morning. Any suggestions...?
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 horrible week, anyone know what might make me feel better?
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what do you do when your upset to make yourself feel better?

 Leg pain...?
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 would a doctor take me seriously?
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 My ribs hurt so much?
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 I have never had a headache is that a bad thing?

 Is it ok to give my uncle a back massage?
My uncle comes home from work and he is very sore. Is it ok to give him a back massage?...

 my throat is killing me!?
my throat hurts so bad. i have tried tea and throat losengens. nothing is working and i cant talk.! help


Can a headache kill you?

Bob W
A headache can be a symptom of fatal problem yes. But the actual head pain isn't what would kill you. There are some fatal conditions that include head pain as a symptom. But no if you are talking about an average headache I wouldn't think so. Talk to a doctor about the headache and he will be able to tell you what is causing the pain more than I can.

I think it would have to be a tumor. If your headaches persist, I would go to your doctor if you keep having them.

Perhaps....depends on why you have the headache.....for instance you could have brain tumors, or some kind of serious health issues causing your head ache....technically it wouldn't be the head aches but what ever is causing the head to hurt

No, but if the headaches don't go away, you might want to see a doctor.


Hannah Merbs
It doesn't happen often enough to be anything to make you run out and buy more life insurance, but yes, Migraine can kill. This is why we advise that Migraineurs call their doctors if they experience symptoms different from their typical Migraine and seek immediate care if they're experiencing "the worst headache of their life." Another time to seek emergency care is if the pain of a Migraine attack lasts more than 72 hours without at least a solid four-hour pain-free period. The pain of a Migraine attack is caused by dilated blood vessels in the brain and inflammation in the surrounding tissues. Extended dilation of those blood vessels increases stroke risk. Most often, Migraine-related deaths are from strokes.

No, but the cause of the headache could. (i.e. aneurysm, tumor, etc.)

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