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 Is blood running down my neck inside my body? ?
I hurt my head and neck in a car accident and now i feel like there is water running down my head and neck all the time. It always feels like i am sweating but i am not. What is it?...

 Question on an MRI and being claustrophobic?
I am going in tomorrow to have a closed MRI done for my lower back. I have been in pain for almost 2 years and the pain radiates down my legs, so my Doctor decided to do an MRI...I am so scared I ...

 Does anyone know what's wrong with my throat?
Day 1: There was a tickle in my throat but I was fine
Day 2: My voice got all scratchy
Day 3: (today) My voice is still scratchy and my throat is now getting soar.
Does ...

 planter fasciitis problem?
I had a foot pain in summer but due to inaccurate treatment it got worse. Now,they have diog me with planter fasciitis in my left foot. Can some doc out there help me with some good exercises & ...

 The top of my foot is creaking?
The top of my foot is creaking. As if I were sitting on a rocking chair. I can't explain it. I didn't hurt my foot in any way. It happens every time I flex my foot, and it feels like my ...

 cracking joints??
Does anyone have an actual evidence that cracking your knuckles, back, knees etc etc etc...cause's damage or arthritis??...

 Are there any REAL Dr. House's out there?
Are there any REAL Dr. House's out there? If so, can you please tell me where I can find him/her? I am so tired of getting passed off all over the place for over two years now. Thanks in advance ...

 what is the side effect of tonsilectomy?

 Wtf is wrong with my ear?!?!?! HELP ME THIS INSTANT!!!!!!?
i feel like there's something in my left ear.. it's like a golf ball!! i'm panicking and i really dunno what to do =(...

 Can I take 600 miligrams of Motrin?
I'm about 5'3-5'4" and average weight. I'm on the small side of average though.

Do you think it would be ok? I have a horrible headache and 400 (the recommended ...

 Chronic pain suffers can you shed light on darvocet ?
I have downgraded to darvocet for chronic (low back pelvic pain ) control i wanted the lowest narcotic because i have two small children ive heard darvocet is "weak" "not worth the gas ...

 my right side of my right leg is completely numb what could be wrong?
i woke up and could not feel the outside of my right leg i can feel the inside its almost like it is asleep with the numb feeling i don't know what it could be does anyone know?...

 I have had pain in my right hand from using the computer for the past year. What will doctor do?
I am going to orthopedist Tuesday afternoon. Will I get a X-ray of the hand that has been bothering me....

 When you have appendicitis is the pain...?
is it constant or does it just occur when you move. i it very painful or is it just a slight twinge that you feel....

 chronic back pain?
I've had problems with my back since 2004-had surgery on L5S1 where the dr. did 2 fusions. The pain was better, but then I started having pain in my legs like it was hurting to the bone. Saw a ...

 Which is stronger Tylenol 3 or darvocet? I had surgery on my foot a while back?
and the nerves are starting to heal and I want to know which would work better for the pain?...

 for people with fibromyalgia?
i was diagnosed yesterday...finally. i've been to the doctors countless times for ache after ache after ache and every time i was told "we don't know" or "it's a pulled ...

 What does it mean when your galbladder dosnt empty properly?
I had a HIDA scan yesterday and it showed my Gallbladder was not properly emptying. they has to give me a medication to stimulate it which prompted a gallbaldder attack,,,what will this all mean?...

 Is it true that one pain can like overtop another?
Like Major Payne when dude was shot and Payne broke is finger? Isn't like the human body wired to feel like a few things at a time? Such as when you have a headache and someone rubs your hand ...

 I take Vicodin for my bad back when Motrin just isnt working.?
But I drank alot last nite, not enough to wake up w/ a hang over, I didn't even get a headache. Can I still take one today if needed?...

Aching muscles and sore jaw - what to do?
I know a few people at the moment who seem to have the same thing: flu like symptoms that include achy muscles and a mild fever (which thankfully dissipates), but also a sore jaw and headache.

Is there any treatment that anyone can recommend? I'm slightly perplexed by the sore jaw, as I've never personally experienced this whilst having the flu.

Many thanks in advance.

This could be because of muscle fatigue or dehydration. Try exercising all parts of your body. It also sometimes is due to disuse atrophy. Consult a doctor if it persists. You can also look for information in the web. I found this website very useful. http://aches.in/cramps.html

$Sun King$
Get an ECG and a chest X-Ray done. Sore jaw is a sign of a clogged arteries and maybe impending heart attack. See your GP.

Other info:

I went to see my denist and he gave me some jaw exercises to do and all you have to do is put one finger on both sides of your jaw and open and close your mouth 5 times then do the same again but witout putting your fingers on to both sides of the jawyou also do this 5 times then put one hand under your chin and open your mouth do this 5 times you need to do this evry day and knight

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