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*Frankie Stars*
will one hit of pot show up in a drug test?
like seriously as soon as i remembered i had a test to take, i stopped. im freaking out. will it show up!? I dont even think i smoked it right.

Dana :]
yeah it will.
and if you don't want to get in trouble just don't do it
even if you didn't smoke it right or w.e
pot has some long term effects and it makes you fat
so yeah. good luck with the test or w.e

yes cuz its still in your body

wow, if your asking that, then it prolly wont cause obviously it was your first time? depends on how good it was also.. lows, mids, highs?? did you inhale mr. bill clinton? the THC attaches itself to fatty cells in your body, so just exercise and drink plenty of water and you'll be ok. I ask if it is your first time because that would mean you dont have a habit of smoking herb. With no habit established, THC will pass thru your system quicker. So don't fret, just drink water and go running and take big poo's

This EXACT thing happened to me dude. You have to swallow a cup of honey mustard. No joke, but this other guy told me and it worked.

yes, the slightest thing will show up, even if your around people smoking int and inhale second hand smoke.

Howie Feltersnatch
drink two Arizona green tea's before u go take ur test. Even if u smoke everyday and u drink a couple green tea's, u are usually good.

*I know a lot of y'all wont agree, but this has worked for me every time

It depends when you have to take the test, but it should be totally out of your system in a few days.

u r in trabble my san

depends... when was the last time you smoked? Try a vinegar cleanse

Yes it will...
Shouldn't have started drugs, you are going down.

normally everything will show.

I've had dreams where I partook of some substance then realized I messed up.... but I've never spaced it out so bad in real life. Maybe it's time for you to consider total abstinence.

But, concerning your "problem", you may want to check out erowid.org

You should be able to find some excellent statistics about all kinds of related things, and all provided by people who "know".

Hope you're not a truck driver.

depends on so many factors.
i'm guessing no.
go buy some pure cranberry juice.
cost $7 a bottle
tastes really bad.
but it's suppose to help.

There is a certain percentage you would need to have in order to test positive for THC... So if you hit it only once. Then probably not. Take it easy you should be aight.. aight..

Armed Prodigy
yeah i think it will but i think they will know if you smoked a lot or little so don't worry . if you know how to smoke it then you probably took a good hit. it all depends on how big that puff was.

Truth Speaker
When is the drugs test was it a biff? or a bong?

If it was only 1 hit you could say it was from second hand smoke they may do a more thorough drugs test to see the exact amount in your body if its as much as you say it is you should be ok

They just want to catch the people who are doing more serious drugs alot more of the time

DUH! If you take any type of drug within a couple of days of the test, the drug will show up.

Bobby T
No it will not. Traces that small will show as negligible on the test. You will breathe approximately 1/2 of a joint in a year just walking around and breathing normally, walking into patches of air with smoke.

My Evil Twin
Modern drug testing equipment is very sensitive and will probably show that you are a drug user.

Your best bet is to consider what is more important to you; smoking pot or your job, and act accordingly. Good luck with that decision.


of course it will!
you still smoked it and it got into your body
the drug test will notice that

Tim. K
I wouldnt risk it. Do u really need "1hit" that bad? If u do take a couple make sure to drink alotta cranberry juice, grape juice, etc. That does the trick

very likely it will, unless you have a few days to flush your system.

tabitha d
its possible but really depends on how long after the hit is your test. but no it shouldn't if you've never smoked it before that time it takes 21days for a regular smoker to get it out of there system.

yes it will show..unless you drink more cranberry juice then you ever have in your whole life...TRUST ME *stoner* it will clear out your system

Depends on the quality of the pot and the quality of the test.

don't be stupid! IT WILL SHOW UP! Even cheap tests will pick it up!


Depends on how much you've smoked. If you've never smoked before...no. THC is fat soluble, and your body soaks it up like a sponge...and releases it over time, which is why you can still pop positive weeks or months later after your last hit.

Some people flush completely in 48 hours, some take 2+ months. That's why they take hair samples. If you really want to know...go buy a drug-test kit @ CVS...which, ironically, is marketed for parents to use on kids like you.

it might show up...
you should get that stuff tat makes your piss clear.
no seriously, they have that stuff.
my friend happens to be a druggie and she knows, like everything tehre is.
she uses it whenever she wants to smoke and has a test to take.
google it and you should find what Im talking about.
if not, drink LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of WATER.

Fritz T.
Bad news for you. Even if you didn't smoke and inhaled second hand smoke it can come up on a drug screening. More so on a hair test then a urine test but I think you might just pull a positive. I had to deal with this in the military and I know some drug and alcohol counselors. The worst is coke. You can pull a positive by touching it and having it get into the pores of your skin. Good luck. You might want to wake up early and flush your system. Drink lots of water and keep peeing until you pee clear. The darker your pee is the more crap is in there.

Yes, it will show. If you are concerned about passing, you might want to pick up some synthetic urine or urine cleanser from your local smoke shop or online (but online might take too long to arrive). It's costly, but it may be your only choice. You can also pick up a home test kit from any drugstore and it will tell you if you will fail or pass. It's not the same as the drug test facilities, but very similar and can pick up small traces. Good luck.

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