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i cant hear out of my ears and i think there clogged. what should i do?...

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amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium tablets???? (a substitute for agumenton) I cant read the instuctions and warnings because the prescription label where they put my name and how many pills i take ...

 Health problems from too much PC?
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 i want to stop my depression and anorexia?
over the past months, i've been slipping deeper into depression and anorexia. on the outside people wouldn't notice a thing, but on the inside i'm dying and i'm tried of being ...

 how can stop banging my head at night?
i bang my head on my pillow to get to sleep at night and i want to stop but I Don't know how i have started to do it when i was i wanna say 4 maybe 5 and im 14 now. its so embarrassing when i ...

 UGHH i have to clear my throat everytime b4 i talk!?!?
everytime im about to talk i have to clear my throat. this is so annoying and embarrassing. and if i dont clear it, my voice will be all crackly. ugh i hate it! does this happen to anyone else, what ...

 Can I exercise while on antibiotics?
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 Cevical Mucus Everyday?
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 what does cleaning your ears help with?
what does it do? i mean i dont think cavemen had q-tips , except the geico one haha jk jk but seriously what does it help with?...

 What could make a person feel exhausted?
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 Can anyone diagnose this?
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 Weed Question...(as in the drug)?
Ok so last night i was with my friends and some one of course brought weed. I decided to try it and trust me i will NEVER do it again. I just wanted to expeirence it. Im a very paranoid person so i ...

 Does weed cause blood clots?

 Why do I feel really sick?
I went trick-or-treating this Halloween in very cold, maybe 40 degree F weather with a skirt on and no jacket/sweatshirt. I then ate a lot of candy. I usually don't eat very much. The next day I ...

 Urgent help pls.. what could this be?
Hey guys. this is urgent. My mom has been showing these symptoms since yesterday: She keeps shivering and feeling cold, and she has a fever, and she keeps vomiting & can't stand up w/o ...

 What's the best drug?

 Is chewing pills safe?
Is it safe to chew pills. I used to be able to but once I took goodys headache powder I couldn't swallow a pill. So since then I've been chewing pills. So is it safe?...

why does salt water make you throw up?
what does to much salt in the body do? i know its bad,but whatare the effects?

I've got a cool little experiment for you that will show you the effects of salt. Get 2 thick slices of cucumber. lay them out flat, side by side so you can see the effects. Place a pinch of salt on one and leave the other. Leave it for about 3-4 mins and see the difference. After you do, imagine that happening inside you after you drink salt water. THAT is why you throw up.

Strong salt solutions are emetogenic (provoke vomiting) because they chemically irritate the GI tract, which is programmed to respond to any irritation by vomiting. Part of the irritation is also gastric and small bowel distention caused by the strong salt solution pulling water out of the tissue to dilute the salt. This uncomfortable stretching triggers reflex vomiting. It's a protective mechanism. If you were to absorb a heavy salt load it could cause serious problems with the body's salt and water balance, including severe dehydration as the body subsequently excreted the salt in urine. This is because you would be forced to lose large amounts of water in order to shed the salt (effectively, when the kidney excretes salt ions water follows passively by osmosis, so you have no option but to lose water in order to lose salt). The body therefore rejects the heavy salt load as vomit because this, in the long run, causes less dehydration than if the salt were to be absorbed. Blood was also mentioned above and it was speculated that blood is emetogenic because it too contains salt. Whilst it's true that blood is salty (it contains about 130 mMol/l of sodium), that's probably not why it makes you feel sick. It's more likely that the other chemicals it contains, such as serotonin from platelets, are stimulating vomiting. Serotonin is a powerful chemical trigger of vomiting.

Strong salt solutions provoke vomiting, because they chemically irritate the GI tract, which is programmed to respond to any irritation by vomiting. Part of the irritation is also gastric and small bowel distention caused by the strong salt solution pulling water out of the tissue to dilute the salt. This uncomfortable stretching triggers reflex vomiting. Salt has both positive and negative effects in our body. Salt helps in regulating the body and removing all the toxins. It keeps the body healthy if it has iodine content. Salt is a source of a mineral which is very much needed by the body. It makes a body fit, healthy and increases the memory and the functioning of the brain. Too much of salt is not good for your body. It can dehydrate your body and increase blood pressure.

It dehydrates you bacause there is so much salt in it, your body can not use the salt water and you die of thirst. Imagine being thristy and having nothing to drink but pankcake syrup.

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