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 Does ciggaretes and alcohol really age you faster, or is that just exageration?
LIke i see many people say, if you smoke ciggaretes, you would look older, when you are only 30 is that true?...

 is there any drug out there that will cause my hips to grow?
I'm 5"6 , 23yr. Female and I have no hips at all, is there any drug that may have a side effect of causing my hips to grow, I know that some drugs have a side effect of causing weight gain, ...

 I chew around 20 stride gums a day, what are the side effects of chewing so much gum everyday.?
Serving Size: 1 piece Calories<5 Total Fat: 0g Sodium: 0mg Total carb <1g Sugars: 0g Sugar alcohol: 1g Protein: 0g Thanks for replying....

 does crying ever weirdly comfort you?
okay well my hamster died =[ and i wanted to not cry because i'm 12 and it might seem childish and immature to cry about a hamster but i just had to so i went to the bathroom to cry and for ...

 why is this happening to me?
hii guys am 13 year old girl..i don't no sometimes i start crying just like that with out a reason.i laugh first before crying..i don't know why?? i got less marks in science i started ...

 is marijuana actually a mold?
is weed a mold?...

 I have a Size question?
Well, I've been teased all my life about my size I'm 14 about to turn 15 and I'm about Six Foot Four Since i was about 7 I've been made fun of by other kids When I was 7...

 I am 5'2 height and wanna know if i can get any taller if anybody knows of a way to get taller?
my father is about 5'3 and same with my mother my age is 17 and i am really worried i would atleast want to grow a couple ...

 I'm having an embarrassing problem.?
So for the past 4 or 5 days (I can't believe I'm about to tell the world this), I have had an extremely soft bowel movement EVERY time I have used the restroom. I'm normally a very ...

 will i pass my drug test?
okay i smoked on saturday, it's now wednesday, my parents say they may give me a drug test, i'm not like a hardcore smoker, i took a few hits, but that was my first time in months, my ...

 will i get morphine after my wisdom teeth surgery?

3 nights ago, out of nowhere at 4 am, my father suddenly couldn't breathe and started wheezing. I made him a doctors appt the next day, and she was not exactly sure what happened, but she said ...

 have you heard people say, "Don't eat before you sleep"?
I've heard people tell me this, and I haven't heard any good support behind their answers yet. What do you think about not eating before you rest?...

 i have been awake for 16 hours now. i am afraid that if i go to sleep soon, i will sleep all day.?
if i sleep all day, i will be up all night again, thus continuing my bad sleep patterns. what should i do??? i literally want to reverse my situation. i want to sleep at NIGHT and be awake during the ...

 Please help! My head has these tingling/tight feeling inside?
I've been having this for the past few days non stop. I have social anxiety and agoraphobia and I'm also on zoloft. Is this all due to anxiety please help!...

 Do I have appendicitis or something else ? (Please help! I'm scared)?
It's 1:41 now and this started happening at 1:00am I went done stairs to go number one and after I went back up to go to bed, I started getting really weird sharpish paints in my lower abdomen ...

 help meeee pleaseeeeeeeeeeee?
i got fingered last night and i woke up today and it was swollen and red and burned when i pee and just straight up hurts. then i was looking at it (gross i know) but and i was like bleeding from ...

 Is it bad to like band-aids a lot?
I'm in love with band aids. I look at them to be like stickers for your skin! I'm just afraid that it's 'unhealthy' for me to like band aids too much. I try not to use ...

 okay so in drug terms...?
pink dolphines i know are ecstacy, but what are brown m & m's and purple poke press?? SPEAKING IN DRUG TERMS haha no worries, its not for me, im just snooping myspace comments and this bros ...

 my stomach hurts when i cough?
i have uncontrolable coughs which occur from a fuzzy feeling in my throat. when icough my stomach hurts like crazy....

Fudge Love
why does my stomach hurt when i drink milk?
so im almost 15. and i wanted to know why my stomach hurts when i drink milk itself but not with any other dairy products like cheese, yogurt, ice cream ect. when i drink milk i either burp a little or my stomach hurts badly. am i lactose intolerant or is it something else? please help && thanks:)

you're probably lactose intolerant. personally, my stomach also hurts when i drink milk, but im not lactose intolerant. i just generally try to stay away from dairy that hurts my stomach when i eat.

Nikki R
sounds like lactose intolerant

hot stuff****
it's most likely that you are lactose intolerant go to the doctor ask for a blood test on allergies that you may have.

yes sounds like lactose intolerance. perhaps it is only minor. You can check by drinking other kinds of milk, or lactaid, or taking lactaid pills to see if it doesn't change.

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