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why do people have to have their tonsils removed?

Gaby T
Well I had my tonsils removed because my tonsils swelled up in my throat making it hard for me to swallow anything and breathe since they kept getting bigger. I would get infections in my throat and it would have pus, sore throat and it would hurt really bad. I had what is called tonsilectomy. Thats why some people have their tonsils removed.

There is no such thing as tonsils, they implant mind controlling chips into your brain. The government has been doing it since the 1950s. FACT.

dont listen to anyone who says its cause they swell, thats wrong, most of the poeple that have them removed is because they dont need them, hardly ever is it cause they are swelling and making them sick, that can happen, but that means their tonsil is oversized, and that why they are removed, but there are many different reasons, mine were taken out because when i was little i snored HELLA loud like crazy, but ya there are different reason, also, is this just something you are personally wondering, or are you having yours removed and dont know why, your parents or doctor said you have to have them removed?

My brother had strep lodged in his tonsils--it was like this permanent strep infection. He got strep throat over and over, like 8 times in 6 months, something ridiculous.

They were really big and inflamed and he actually got sleep apnea because they were blocking his airway. He needed braces, but the orthodontist wouldn't give him braces until he got the tonsils removed (he said the sleep apnea would make him sleep with his mouth open and the braces wouldn't work or something. Maybe he just felt the tonsils were a higher priority than the teeth. Dunno.)

But he stopped snoring and slept better afterward and he stopped having strep throat. Plus he got his braces, which made his teeth look dramatically better.

It can help a lot.

Tonsillectomy may be indicated when the patient:
Experiences frequent bouts of acute tonsillitis. The number requiring tonsillectomy varies with the severity of the episodes. One case, even severe, is generally not enough for most surgeons to decide tonsillectomy is necessary.
Has chronic tonsillitis, consisting of persistent, moderate-to-severe throat pain.
Has multiple bouts of peritonsillar abscess.
Has sleep apnea (stopping or obstructing breathing at night due to enlarged tonsils or adenoids)
Difficulty eating or swallowing due to enlarged tonsils

Jen G
Years ago, they were removed routinely as soon as someone got an infection. Now they are only removed in cases of recurrent strep throat/tonsilitis, or if they are large and causing airway problems.

They only have them removed when the begin to give them medical problems. My tonsils are intact....


What are Tonsils & Adenoids?Tonsils are ball-like clumps of lymphoid tissue located on both sides of the back of the throat. Some scientists believe that the tonsils work as part of the body’s immune system. They help the body fight infection by filtering out germs as they enter the breathing passages through the mouth and nose.

The adenoids are a clump of lymphoid tissue similar to that of tonsils, but located higher up in the throat, behind the nose. Adenoids also help the body fight infections by trapping and fighting germs as they pass through the breathing.

The reason I have provided these definitions are because generally, they work together. Growing up, I used to 'hold my mouth open" as if I was unable to get enough air through the nose. Doctors recommended the removal of my adenoids and tonsils but my mother would not agree. Infected tonsils can be very painful and cause excessive sore throat. Both of these are related to about 75% of sleep disorders.

Back in the day, 'ice cream' was the recommended treat for a kid who was hospitalized for this surgery -

It is the most common surgery performed, even today.

they get to big and it hard for u too breath. hope this is the answer u were looking for!

well hon thats simple they start to swell then they start to hurt so they get them removed

Another Girl's Paradise
I had mine removed when I was 7. I was sick most of the time before that with earaches and all sorts of stuff. Mainly my tonsils were infected so badly that they were huge and I had a difficult time swallowing and breathing. Usually an infection.

they swell and cause a sore throat.
got mine out 3 years ago.

I had my tonsils removed at the age of 14 as in my life time I had developed Tonsillitis over 53 times. When I did have them removed, My surgeon said to me they were the largest and most poisonous tonsils he had seen in at least 20 years!!!!!! OMG

Most people I know who have had theirs removed have pretty much had the same thing

George A
so they wont get infections ther anymore people who get them removed is becuz ther always sick from there

you don't have to get them removed...
alot of people get them removed because they have alot of problems with them.. like
having a sore throat all the time, or their tonsils always being swollen or all the time. most of that stuff is caused by Tonsillitis which is like an infection of your tonsils, and if you're always getting them the best way to take care of it is to just get rid of them entirely

Lisa E
Not everyone has them removed, but when they DO remove them, it's because they are chronically infected and it's not worth it to the patient to keep them. They aren't necessary, so it makes no sense to keep them and constantly have to see a doctor when they flair up...when they can just take them out and never have to worry about it again.

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