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 how do I get to sleep when I am really scared?
I am only 15 and I borrowed a zombie game from my friend, and it has really scared me and I cannot get to sleep, is there anyway to help this so that I can get to sleep? (don't play the game ...

 can someone help me please please please?
i woke up yesterday with a sore throat and a headache. it got worse during the day and by night i had a 99.7 degree fever.i woke up today and i had a 100 degree fever. its gone down to normal for now....

 i really need ur help?!?!??!?
ok so just now i was playing a game on my laptop and i was clicking alot and my arm starting to like move..like a heart beat but faster. it still is and has been for a couple of mins now. is this ...

For like 3 to 4 days i was very sick, i was super tired,had a massive sore throat with pus on it, and i kept getting headaches... We thought that i had strep throat or even mono... but that's ...

 Why is my ear red when my emotion runs high ?

 I took ecstasy today. If i take it tomorrow, will i feel it?

 at what temperature should you see a doctor? or go to the hospital?
in degrees Celsius and how can you cool down ones temperature?...

 can someone help me plz?
is it bad to take 5 mg of melatonin every night and what are the side effects for this medication?? ive been having severe mood swings while on this is that normal?...

 i almost passed out in the shower?
at like 5am i got in the shower to get ready for school. when i was almost ready to get out, i suddenly felt light headed, my vision got all blurry and blacked out, and i felt like i was gonna throw ...

 I took about 30 mg of Ativan and 6 or 7 mg of Klonopin. Should I go to the hospital?
In the heat of the moment I thought I wanted to kill myself and took about 30 mg of Ativan (handfulls of 2 mg pills) and then about 7 mg of Klonopin. Does anyone know what the lethal dose of A...

 can you smoke a cigarette while on pain killers?
just random curiousity - i dont smoke. and by painkillers i mean tylenol, ibuprofen, etc....

 i think i gave my dog crabs?
i no how bad it sounds but its not wat u think. i think i gave my dog crabs becuz i liek 2 walk around the house undressed becaus its comfertable but i got crabs from this one girl i no. so i sit on ...

 Why do men urinate less often than women?
Do men have larger bladders or are they just really good at 'holding it'?...

 what the heck is wrong with me... Dr's are clueless about it... any clue?
I have been having these problems for the past 4-6 months now and the Dr's have no clue as to what could be wrong with me they tried saying it was anxiety but how could it be when the only thing ...

 Where can i get rattlesnake pills?

 what do you do if someone feels dizzy?
my brother ,karl, feels dizzy,what do I do?...

 Are there any side affects to a colon cleanse?

 I Have The Flu? (Really Sick!!)?
I was really sick since Friday. Today, I felt a little better, but my mom brought me to the doctor. I have the flu. When I came back, I felt sick still. Now, I'm kind of happy and not acting ...

 Help! What do i do about this?
I dislocated my knee a week ago it pop back in on this own. I didn't go the the doctors because i don't have insurance. its doing ok. i can walk on it and put most of my weight on it. i ice ...

 What is this pain in my head?
I get a pain in my head sometimes, it only last several minutes and its only on one side of my head...I get pain near my eye and nose...is it just a migraine or allergies because I am allergic to ...

why do i have sour smelling urine?
i have had this for the last few days now. i have been eating all the foods i normally eat so nothing different there. its like a sour smell. i dont burn or itch. so if yall have any ideas please let me know

Ewan M
Foods that are high in Sulphur (asparagus was mentioned - also brussel sprouts do too) tend to make urine smell, although in truth everything affects your urine in some way as it is waste! What colour is your urine? If it is dark in colour then this means you could be dehydrated and if this is the case then the part of your urine that isn't water (should be around 95% water) is a lot more concentrated giving your urine a smell. As with the other responses - check with a doctor if it persists, I would recommend making sure you drink a healthy amount of water!

Asparagus is one of the only things that should change the smell of your urine. You could have an infection in your urinary system (Bladder kidneys and so on) that will change the smell of your urine. Go see a doctor to check it out if it doesn't go away in about a day,

You have a prostate infection get it checked quick

You've been eating lard, mayonnaise and dill-pickle sandwiches. That will do it every time.

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