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 Is there a free site where I can type in my symptoms and recieve a possible diagnosis?
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 Why do people do drugs?
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 Drug test in 24 hours?
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 Is this a bad overdose?
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 ive had diarrhea for last 2 days with stomach ache. Would it be safe to take laxatives to empty my system?
and if it is ok, then what laxative should i get?...

 If i dont eat but take vitamins will my hair still grow?

 Sleeping has become uncomfortable for me?
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 Weird urine color with flu like symptoms?
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 How can one overcome a phobia?

 is it normal for a teenage boy to have seizures?
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 i have a problems with my boyfriends length....?
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 Im not sure whats wrong with me? Constipation or Diarrhea?
I have had this condition for about a month now. I have a feeling that I have to pass stool but when I do it comes out mostly liquid, then small soft pieces. I always have this rumbling in my lower ...

 What type of headache do I have?
I get these horrible throbbing headaches maybe 1-2 times a month.They stay in the same spot on the right side of my forehead, my right temple area I guess.I looked up different symptoms for headaches ...

Andrew V
why am I always constipated?
I don't understand why I'm constipated all the time. I eat fiber one cereal every single day and it doesn't seem to help. When I take laxatives they work, but then the next day I'm constipated again. I avoid anything with iron in it and I'm constantly eating foods high in fiber, but nothing seems to help. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm scared that my body is becoming dependent on laxatives

Drink a LOT of water - rehydrate yourself. If your body doesn't get enough fluids, then you won't be able to go poop. If not getting enough fluids sounds like you, then I suggest drinking more water every day. It will help. Trust me.

Your body can become addicted to laxatives, you dont want that to happen. Constipation can happen because of many things, are you on any medication? Opiates can cause it.. anxiety can cause it..Not to scare you or anything.. but if you are constipated for a long period of time, you can get a fecal impaction which is easily treatable but can be dangerous.. go to a doctor or a walk in!

watch the iron levels in your food. there is a lot of iron in meat,like steak for example! too much of it causes you to become constipated!

Honey, I think you should swing over to the doctor's place.

Edgar M
go to the doctor, but first try a product called metamucile you take it at night or morning it make the poop softer, and its more fiber, it helped me

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