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 How much does lazer hair removal cost?
I am thinking of getting my bikini area done because i have really sensative skin, and every time i wax it gives me a ...

 Do you get Dejavu?
I get Dejavu a lot. I cant say I get it very often but I get it atleast once a month....

 Is it safe for a recently healed break in a bone to pop?
broke my wrist almost 6 months ago in 2 places, I felt it "pop" 2 times, it was sore all day. I have'nt felt anything else wrong with it, is this safe?...

 What is your fondest memory thus far in life?

 What is the best way to raise your iron?
I've been told dark green veggies, meat and poultry, but how much do you really have to eat to make a difference? It doesn't seem to phase me.
Thank ...

 How does it feel to get shot by a gun?

 How do u dye your hair?

 My husband has chronic neck pain .He had surgery.?
But it made the pain worse. He has been to a pain management doctor and was told his only option was medication. He even went to see another neurologist who said there is nothing He can do. Is there ...

 Are fingernails poisonous?

 I'm going shopping with Racquell my friend.what should i buy???

 Why have I been running a fever (100.6-101)with fatigue for a few months?

 i have alot of marks on my arms and legs, what is the best product to use to get rid of them?

 How do you bring a "dead" product back into production?
(Such as health care products, food, old time remedies, etc)...

 lady's what do your feet smell like after you take off your sneakers and socks?

 How can i get gum off the bottom of my new shoes?!?!?

 do you routinely diddle your own chode?
please be honest....

 can your appendix grow back?

 what kind of shampoo gives alot of volume and bounce without making the hair look dirty ?

 If you could stay exactly the same age for a thousand years, how old would you want to look?

 do fat people go skinny-dippin or fat-dippin??

what is an orgazime?
how does it feel. what do you do.

Do you really need someone to tell you?

You're really asking that?

Damn, girl! Which world are you living in?

Chaos mediation
an organism is a specialized group of cells...

Its when u arouse yourself. Makes you feel good climax etc.


How old are you?

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