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 I get really bad headrush, Is it serious?
Like when I get up in the morning, my eyesight clouds over and my head spins and I normally semi-faint before about 20 seconds later it clears, It happens everytime I stand up from a sitting position....

 Can you get lice by getting your hair all wet and making it in contact with the sun?
I had track and field yesterday and it was really hot so i poured cold water all over myself and my friends told me i could get lice like that. =( I'm just wondering.... please answer!...

 How is nutrition related to growth and development of your body?

 drug test coming up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
okay so i have a drug test coming up for cps, the last time i smoked was 3 days ago, since then ive drank a gallon of water a day mixed with 5000 milligrams of creotine, and today i got some azo ...

 My neighbor's dog barks too much and I can't sleep help ?

 How do i make my stomach growl!!!!?
it needs to happen tonight :D...

 I didn't eat for a long time then finally did, why does my stomach hurt so bad?
around nine this morning I ate a little bit of cereal. Then all day I didn't eat, and now I ate and it's 8:44, I can't move at all or it will hurt. What's wrong?? And I didnant ...

 why do i have a major vein going across my whole arm?
i have a ery thick vein going across my arm and im only 15 yrs. old is this normal for a person my age. or is there some way to get rid of it plz ...

 does caffeine cause ANY brain damage?
even a "negligible" amount?...

 how do i grow 3 inches in a week?

 why do i feel so sleepy?
I eat healthy I do not smoke or drink. I am 24 year old male. I do not see any reason why I feel so sleepy. Sometimes I sleep like 10 hours a day and by 7pm I can barley keep my eyes open. I also ...

 what is wrong with me?
the past teo days my stomach has been really bubbly. Whenever I drink water I have this weird slimy feeling in my throat. When I eat I have to do it slow because I feel like I may choke. My tongue is ...

 Will this help in me passing a drug test?
I smoked weed frequently last spring break (probably about 4-5times) but haven't for exactly . . .10 days now. About a couple days ago I learned i might be drug tested so I have been ...

 Help i think i have triple E!?
I think i have triple E because my friend was telling my the symptom's and i have all of them a head ache, neck ache and a small fever. If you odnt no what EEE is then it the Eastern equine ...

 I need help?..I've been smoking marijuana..?
Hi, Ok so Im a 15 year old guy and I started smoking marijuana about 4 to 5 months ago?I would smoke atleast 3 times a week..latley I have been smoking every morning when I wake up before school and ...

 How can i stay hydrated?
I'm getting a rhynoplasty(nose job) tomorrow at 6AM, and I would like to know of SOMETHING that I can do to stay hydrated for several hours! I have to stop eating and drinking, INCLUDING WATER! 1...

 I have trouble sleeping help?!?!?!?!?
Okay so when I go to sleep..I just can't fall asleep...I don't have any sleep diseases so that's not the problem. If I go to sleep at 10p.m. I will stay awake until like 5a.m. Please ...

 The Story of my Cousin. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Hey, my cousin is 27 years old he lives in sao paulo brazil 2 days ago he was driving back from the airport going through a farm town and his luck he hit a cow the cow flippen up and landed on the ...

 It's been about 16 hours since overdose?
It's been 16 hours since I took about forty ibuprofen pills (200mg) and nothing has happened. I only had a small stomach ache and that's it. Does this mean, nothing will happen? I would ...

 i need to gain weight. please help?
i need to gain 5 pound asap, i want to give blood, and i dont make the weight requirment. please help me... i eat all the time and mostly junk food... i was told the brewer yeast vitimins help but i ...

what does "For external use only' mean?
okayy so i am volunteering at a hospital and i have to fill out a whole packet of forms. On the first page there is a little box in the upper right hand corner that says "for external use only" and i am not sure if i am the one who fills it out. Some of the things it asks is certifications, birthdate, ss#, community service, and drug test.... so do i fill it out or no?

external means outside so the information would be coming from and outside source; which would be you. But don't fill out when it says for internal use because that mean it is for them to fill out. Goodluck!

For external use only is an instruction for use of a topical medicine. In other words, if you're not supposed to put this medicine in any of your orifices, tick the box. I would suggest, if you are not a pharmacist/ MD you should ask a professional.

Ask one of the staff.

Randi S
I don't think you do but if you are in doubt, just ask anyone who works/volunteers there.

external is on the outside and internal is on the inside.

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