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 What do you think I should do?
Every night I'm up really late (4ish) by myself because I'm SOOO paranoid. I'm really scared that someones in my house or I'm being watched or something. This has been going on ...

 question about marijuana?
if i smoked two joints at 8.20 and got high, and then smoked another joint at about 9.30 would i still be stoned? and get more stoned off the third joint?...

 How to get to sleep when you are excited?!?!?
Ok Well I am getting an Ipod touch tomorrow and I can't sleep! I just can't wait! I want it sooo bad!! I can feel it in my hands...I mean seriously my sisters was in my hand earlier! I ...

 why do i have itchy armpits?
it burnss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

 I broke my elbow, and took a week to realize I shouldn't smoke marijuana. Will there be reprocussions?
I broke my elbow a week ago, and have been smoking small amounts roughly twice a day (sometimes with a vaporizer, and sometimes with a pipe). My question is whether or not this week of use could ...

 Is it true that the average person eats about 12 spiders a year while sleeping.?

 Weird Effect of Weed?
Ok. Last night was really messed up. I played a game or beer pong, probably only a beer and a half because it was warm. My friend said he had some really good weed. I have only smoked twice before. I ...

 Does she need to see a doctor?
On Wednesday my daughter had a headache, she took the recommended dose of Ibuprofen and she never felt better. Then yesterday she came home from school in tears because she had such an awful migraine....

 When you throw up how do u know you threw up all of it?
Sometimes when I throw up I don't think I throw up all of it... How do I make sure I do? Helpful tips?...

 how do i get rid of the stress i have all the time?
I have ADD and ADHD or at least i did in middle school. i took meds and now i thought i was better but i dont think im over it 100% at all. im super motivated to do good in school but i never have. i ...

 movement in my stomach?
hey, ok here's my question/problem i'm on the pill and take it on time everyday and i just got over my monthly like 2 weeks ago when i wasn't suppose to get it then when i was to get ...

 What happens if you overdose on Vitamins?
My friend said that she took 21 vitamins, but she's not sure what type they were. She's severely depressed and I'm worried that this might harm her in some way. Should I be worried?...

 Please help..i feel awful.?
16 5' 7" 113 pounds Last night around 2 o clock in the morning i had a White chunk macadamian nut cookie from Great American cookies and some almonds...so fatty!:/ And i cant exercise ...

 how can you relief stress ....TOO QUIT SMOKING ....?

 Do you have to take off your cloths during an x-ray ?
So im going to go to a back doctor today to see if i have scoliosis or not , i need to take an x-ray . so do i have to take off my cloths cause thats pretty awkward since im 13 :(...

 How can i stop myself from freezing when i sleep?
I hope you all understand that i was exaggerating when i said freezing. But, Today, when i woke up my fingertips were blued and i was shivering. couldn't wait to get into a shower. Our house ...

 You know how you say bless you when you sneeze than what do you say when u cough?

 i think i have an ear infection?
my left ear, left side of my tongue and left side of my throat. it hurts sooo bad to swallow or talk and even move my tongue! I don't know what to do, times are really rough and i don't ...

 is smoking marijuana once every 2 weeks bad? can you become dependant?
YES I know marijuana is only mentally addictive and is safer than most drugs, but is smoking it once every 2 weeks going to make me have any withdrawal days? like bouts of anxiety? because I remember ...

 Which of the 5 senses weakens first as you are falling asleep?
I was at a conference and I remember the Dr. saying that either sight, or smell, or hearing are the first to shut down or become less acute as you fall asleep. I would be interested in knowing which ...

what causes more harm: blowing weed smoke in a dog's face or in a baby's face?
my gf says its worse to blow weed smoke in a dogs face because even a baby is smarter than a dog but i'm sayin its more harmful to blow the smoke in the baby's face because babies are smart and the weed smoke at that young age might make them grow up to be retarted.

Dr. TAP M.D.
its much worse to blow it into a babies face because a babies lungs are still developing your lungs arent fully developed until you are 23 years old. and a dog can walk away. a baby cannot!

of course its the baby

Good question. I would say either a baby's face because they're in highly developmental stage or neither because weed don't harm nobody.

hey im calling the police on you for animal abuse. they will find you weed dont worry

L A D Y M O<$
a babys face

Weird question, but im guessing baby? It either will be bad for BOTH of them, or it won't do no harm to neither of them.

baby! well dogs are smart too but it would def damage the child's neurological and physical health

Big Pimpin'

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