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 Do i have bronchitis?
Left side chest pain
When i breathe in you hear rattling
Barking wet cough
Coughing up white chunks
I don't have my tonsil's so it isn't that.
I have a small ...

 Can a person get sick even though she/he is already sick?
I have the flu/cold right now and I'm just wondering if I can get sick even though I'm already sick. Or is a sick person immune to other sickness for the time being....

 I can't sleep, ever, sort of..?
Like for example, let's say I would get up at 7am, stay up all day, at night I wouldn't be able to sleep. Stay up all night and then all day again and get to sleep at like 4-5am. Why is it ...

 Will cranberry juice help?
I smoke once or twice a month. And almost three weeks ago I had a little bit, three hits on a bong and some cigars. and now I have a drug test in two days. I have a good diet. I drink two-three ...

 how long does weed stay in your system?

 Why am I so dizzy and light-headed?
So for the past week I've been constantly dizzy and light headed 24/7. Im also always thirsty but I've been drinking water like crazy. Now I can't even go up my stairs without almost ...

 I don't want to love anyone else?
I don't want to lose anyone else. Whenever I love someone, they always have to exit my life in the wrong ways. When I was ten, I had a big crush on a girl and we were like brother and sister, ...

 What pills was my girlfriend given?
When my gf was around 10 she was living with some foster parents, they got mad because they saw her kiss a guy. Her foster mom cut her hair so she refused to eat. Her foster mom gave her some rainbow ...

 uh, too much ibuprofen?
well, i get the most excruciating period pains EVER, each month, and they only thing that help it is ibuprofen, now i never mean to but when they hurt soo much i take heaps,! like its been only two ...

 Is it normal for hair to come out when you brush it?
Every time I brush my hair, I notice that there is alwyas some hair stuck at the base of the brush. Is this normal? Every few days, I have to pull the hair out of the brush, and I notice that it is ...

 red spots at back of tongue? what are they, theirs like 3+ i can't really see?
this kind of stuff scares me, what is it? please - thank you
theirs a few small one's then theirs a bigger one? back of the tongue at the sides?...

 What health provider will take medicaid?
Where or how can I get a list of doctors that may take medicaid at Hall County Georgia?...

 I need serious help mega fast!!!!!!?
I was taking a shower in my moms room becuz my shower is broken and my dad came in to get something. I closed the bedroom door but left the bathroom door open to get the steam out. My mom is ...

 Need advice but please no rudeness or judgment?
Around seventh grade i got to where i was impulsivly cutting myself. They aren't deadly cuts. I dont cut my wrist. I really want to srop but it will be where i dont realize what i am doing until ...

 Reading labels to find foods to lower my bad cholesterol. What do I avoid?
And don't specifically say, "Don't eat red meat". I know that.
When reading the side of a label, is it saturated fats that I need to avoid? Or is there something else?

 Horrified to go to the hospital. PLEASE HELP!!?
I am not afraid of hospitals in general but I am always horrified that they will say I'm fine and send me home. I feel very bad, I can't walk very well, I have a horrible headache, I'm ...

 When you take Advil Cold and Sinus, do the symptoms really occur?
I have sinus and my mom bought the Advil Cold an Sinus pills. I want to take it but the symptoms are horrible! If any of you have taken this pill can you please let me know if any of these symptoms ...

 Does heat kill a cold?
So I have school tomorrow and I can't afford to get sick again, I'm starting to get a sore throat and ears again. I've been taking vitamins all day but it's not working. (Plus now ...

 my 15 year old is really sick?
Im sorry to be ask all of these question about my 15 year old daughter but i am worried about her. I took her to the doctor of friend and found out she has bronchitis. She hasn't gotten any ...

 are wireless technologies safe?
wireless headphones, keyboards, mouse,......etc......doesn't sound save to me.....

my antibiotic pills have a disgusting odor. is this normal?
Serious answers only, please! I don't want anyone trying to be funny or crude! I'm taking Keflex for an infection. It's in capsule form rather than regular pills. Every time I open the bottle to take one of the pills out, it smells like someone defecated in there. Is Keflex supposed to smell like feces? The individual pills don't smell bad, but the whole bottle of pills smells terrible and makes me gag a little. I have to wait a few minutes between removing the pill from the bottle and actually taking it because I have to wait until the smell gets out of my nose. Did I get a bad batch or something?

my answer: probably not, :P

Keflex should smell bad. It has sulfur in it.

You should eat yogurt while you're on that. I always get really bad stomach problems from Keflex if I don't.

Yes, it's normal.
Don't huff the bottle when you open it. It's possible to remove a pill without smelling the whole thing.

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