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 I'm getting drug tested in roughly 3 weeks. I smoked a lot last night, and about every day before that.?
It's not gonna be out of my system by then unless I try. Any suggestions how to get it out. If i don't pass this test, I won't get my license....

 Will you get higher if you smoke on a empty stomach?
Ive heard THC is fat soluble?? so if i eat fatty stuff.. i will be higher? or longer?...

 Could this be alcohol poisoning?
I was at a party last night, and i was fairly drunk. But it wasn't until i got back to my friends house and took a hit out of a 4ft bong that things started getting really bad. I started to ...

 What will this do to my body in the long run?
Im 15, ever since i was 5 i have been addicted to everything hot. I put tobasco sauce on litterly everything and every meal. I even drink it ( i know weird) food just doesnt taste good without alot ...

 My heart has been beating really fast. Would a soda make it worse?
I have been having asthma attacks. My heart has been beating fast. I had two cups of tea and I feel better but not 100% normal. I was thinking about having a coke. Would this make my heart beat ...

 Is It Really Bad To Eat Clay?
im like aditcted to clay cos i love the taste & i cant stop eating it... i know it's crazy... anyway is this really bad for my health? my mum said it could give me worms or anemia, is this ...

 when am i going to die?

 what drug are they doing?
on the phone they were like "'ill light, you cover . get ready, go go go go" im thinking weed but maybe crack? ...

 Can I sue the Doctor?
Ok I had a tuabal ligation about a year and a half ago I did sign the paper about 1% chance of getting pregnant but I was never informed about a 70% chance of a eptopic pregnancy after a tuabal ...

 Can you lie when you are high? ?
Not necesarily about being high, just in general. When you're high aren't you supposed to be able to do what you really want because you can't help it? Saying what you want means you ...

 Getting tonsils removed, what should I expect?
The procedure is taking place in three weeks, and I have some questions. How bad is the pain afterwards? How long is recovery? What should I buy beforehand? What should I avoid eating/doing while ...

 Why do people think that tall parents will always make tall children?
I was reading on some sites where short girls wanted to marry tall guys so they can have tall children. It doesn't work that way... How do you explain some tall parents having short children ...

 What can you do to faint?
What does a person do to faint? Is there any medicine they could take like pills or a liquid kind that will make you pass out? I'm just curious.. Lol thank you guys but I'm not trying to ...

 how much weed do you smoke?

 have a white bump on tip of tongue what do I do?
I'm worried that I might have tongue cancer. :( Unfortunately I have no idea what tongue cancer even looks like....

 Why does everything but rice make me sick?
All foods but rice, rice cakes, and rice dream, and peas, make my stomach hurt, make me dry heave, or make me throw up. I'm seeing a doctor, but I'm trying to get other ideas of what to ...

 What's symptoms of loosing to much blood?
S being cold under your duvet one?????...

 i need to know whats wrong with me.?
So, lately i havent been feeling perfect, but not necesarily horrible either. i dont have a fever or anything major, but here are my basic symptoms: tired, sometimes lightheaded, slightly swollen ...

 should i pull an all nighter?
i do this maybe once a year. is it seriously that bad for me? i have absolutely nothing going on tomorrow so i can sleep for a few hours. its almost 5am. should i just stay up?...

 crying too muchhhh! i need help?
i dont know why but i cry a lot., is it true if you cry a lot as a kid you get wrinkles in your head when your ...

i need to gain weight. please help?
i need to gain 5 pound asap, i want to give blood, and i dont make the weight requirment. please help me... i eat all the time and mostly junk food... i was told the brewer yeast vitimins help but i can not find anything to back that up.

eat a lot of cheese before your meals it will cause you to be constipated for a few days which will help you gain the five pounds after you give blood take some laxatives and you will be back down to normal weight

Try more carbohydrates. Spaghetti, bread, etc. Make sure you eat all three meals. You can calculate the amount of calories it takes you a day to be healthy, and squeeze in a couple more. Eggs every morning helps a lot. Make sure all three meals a day are SOLID meals. As in you have meat, grain, vegetables, and dairy at least. No 'grazing throughout the day.'

You could try drinking a few pounds of water before you go in, that would be quick huh? Just don't go crazy, it can be dangerous. Other than that eat high fat and calorie food for a week. Why punish yourself to give blood?

Just eat, eat eat and eat and no exersize x

If you eat mostly junk food, that is not good. Things to help you gain in a good way include whole grain breads, pasta, ice cream, whole milk.

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