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how long do you have to wait before testing clean in a urine test after smoking pot?
need fast answers please must do drug test for job at franchise restaurant

I dunno how long but if you need to pass a piss test go to GNC and get Hollywoods 24 hour detox drink.

Here's an idea don't smoke pot. Personally i don't think people who are currently smoking pot should have a job obviously that's why they want to give you the test.

Gotta give it at least a week.
Also depends on the type of test.

like an hour.

at least a month,and they sell drinks at any nutrition store, such as GNC,that flush you system

at least a month. could be gone in a few weeks if you flush your system. drink like gallons of water, gatorade, cranberry juice.if you need sooner you can always cheat.

It depends on how often you smoke. If it's every day it would take about 6 months. THC is stored in your fat cells. Get one of those cleansing products they sell at head shops. Vale's is supposed to great & there is a double your money back guarantee.

They make powdered urine. you can buy it online. it gives you mixing instructions and comes with a warmer. Try yahooka.com for some links

Thunder Tongue
I think its 30 days , sorry ! I may be wrong , good luck !

Well...Pot is fat soluable and can stay in your urine for quite a while...sorry..

Pattitata S

Cars 4 Sale
30 days is the standard. the more fat you have on your body the longer it will take for you to be clean.

6 weeks

At least a month.

bout a month...marijuana stays in the system longer then almost anything

3 weeks

alesda maderi
depends on how often you smoked it - fat ratio of your body - thc is stored in fat - if you smoke every day then maybe a month to be totally clear - you can drink tons and tons of water and that will help to flush it out - cannot lie on a hair test though..... - cannot have too clear of urine either or they will make you take the test over - goldenseal root and lots of water detoxifys if you have a week or so to prep - lots of labs nowadays do not even check for the pot, only the harder stuff -

btw - i think it is really stupid to have to take a drug test for pot if one is not driving or piloting a plane or something - waste of your employers money, which would better be served by having higher wages -

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