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how does the body generate heat?
we learned today that infrared RADIATION is felt as heat. since our bodies are normally pretty warm, how do we keep warm? does that mean there's radiation inside ourselves?

Gaurav G
The food that we eat is burnt releasing Carbon-di-oxide and energy. The energy is in the form of heat. This energy maintains the body temperature of a person and excess heat is radiated by skin to the external environment.

The chemical reactions that take place in every cell in our bodies create heat. These are called exothermic reactions. We have a built in thermostat that keeps our body within a certain temperature range. This is why we shiver when we feel cold, and sweat when we feel hot, it's our way of regulating our temperature. This isn't a very scientific answer but it's my layman's way of describing it. Hope it makes sense.

All of the reactions going on in our bodies create heat. Your cells dividing, your heart beating, all creates friction which creates heat.


adrenal glands regulate the body temp.

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